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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Parastatistics of charged bosons partly localised by impuritiesAlexandrov, A.S.; Giles, R.T.
2006Phase coexistence and resistivity near the ferromagnetic transition of manganitesAlexandrov, A.S.; Bratkovsky, A.M.; Kabanov, V.V.
2000Polaron dynamics and bipolaron condensation in cupratesAlexandrov, A.S.
2009Polaronic memory resistors strongly coupled to electrodesAlexandrov, A.S.; Bratkovsky, A.M.
2003Polarons in complex oxides and molecular nanowiresAlexandrov, A.S.
2012Pseudogap in high-temperature superconductors from realistic Frohlich and Coulomb interactionsSica, G.; Samson, J.H.; Alexandrov, A.S.
2001Quasiparticle lifetimes in the charged Bose gas and the cupratesAlexandrov, A.S.; Dent, C.J.
1997Radiative corrections to the long-wavelength optical-mode spectrum of the electron-phonon model: Absence of mode-splitting effects and hardening of the modeAlexandrov, A.S.; Schrieffer, J.R.
1996Resistive upper critical field of high- Tc single crystals of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8Alexandrov, A.S.; Zavaritsky, V.N.; Liang, W.Y.; Nevsky, P.L.
2000Semi-classical theory of magnetic quantum oscillations in a two-dimensional multiband canonical Fermi liquidAlexandrov, A.S.; Bratkovsky, A.M.
2008Shubnikov–de Haas effect in multiband quasi-two-dimensional metalsThomas, I.O.; Kabanov, V.V.; Alexandrov, A.S.
2008Singlet and triplet bipolarons on the triangular latticeHague, J.P.; Kornilovitch, P.E.; Samson, J.H.; Alexandrov, A.S.
2003Small adiabatic polaron with a long-range electron-phonon interactionAlexandrov, A.S.; Yavidov, B.Ya.
2000Strings in charge-transfer Mott insulators: effects of lattice vibrations and the Coulomb interactionAlexandrov, A.S.; Kabanov, V.V.
2005Strong-coupling theory of high temperature superconductivityAlexandrov, A.S.
2005Strong-coupling theory of high-temperature superconductivity and colossal magnetoresistanceAlexandrov, A.S.
2010Superconducting gap, normal state pseudogap, and tunneling spectra of bosonic and cuprate superconductorsAlexandrov, A.S.; Beanland, Joanne
2009Superconductivity in a Hubbard-Frohlich model and in cupratesHardy, T.M.; Hague, J.P.; Samson, J.H.; Alexandrov, A.S.
2003Superlight bipolarons and criterion of BCS-BEC crossover in cupratesAlexandrov, A.S.
2007Superlight small bipolaronsHague, J.P.; Kornilovitch, P.E.; Samson, J.H.; Alexandrov, A.S.
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