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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Large within subject variance in childhood cognitive ability scores of Guatemalan high SES individuals born 1943-1953 [Poster]Mansukoski, L.M.; Hogervorst, Eef; Brooke-Wavell, Katherine S.F.; Furlan, L.R.; Galvez-Sobral, J. Andres; Bogin, Barry
2010Leg length, body proportion, and health: a review with a note on beautyBogin, Barry; Varela Silva, Maria Ines
2016Letter to the Editor: On epidemiology of fractures and variation with age and ethnicityHarper, Diane; Brooke-Wavell, Katherine S.F.; Bogin, Barry
2019Life course associations of height, weight, fatness, grip strength, and all-cause mortality for high SES GuatemalansMansukoski, L.M.; Johnson, William O.; Brooke-Wavell, Katherine S.F.; Galvez-Sobral, J. Andres; Furlan, L.R.; Cole, Tim J.; Bogin, Barry
2017Living conditions and change in age of menarche in adult Maya mothers and daughters from Yucatan, MexicoAzcorra, Hugo; Rodriguez, Luis; Datta Banik, Sudip; Bogin, Barry; Dickinson, Federico; Varela Silva, Maria Ines
2011Logistics of using the Actiheart physical activity monitors in urban Mexico among 7- to 9-year-old childrenWilson, Hannah J.; Dickinson, Federico; Griffiths, Paula L.; Bogin, Barry; Varela Silva, Maria Ines
2013Maternal short stature does not predict their children's fatness indicators in a nutritional dual-burden sample of urban Mexican MayaWilson, Hannah J.; Dickinson, Federico; Griffiths, Paula L.; Bogin, Barry; Hobbs, Matthew; Varela Silva, Maria Ines
2015The Maya Project: a mirror for human growth in biocultural perspectiveBogin, Barry; Varela Silva, Maria Ines; Sikdar, Mithun
2017New birthweight charts by parity and type of delivery for the Spanish populationTeran, Jose Manuel; Varea, Carlos; Bernis, Cristina; Bogin, Barry; Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Antonio
2012The nutritional dual-burden in developing countries - how is it assessed and what are the health implications?Varela Silva, Maria Ines; Dickinson, Federico; Wilson, Hannah J.; Azcorra, Hugo; Griffiths, Paula L.; Bogin, Barry
2018Nutritional ecologyBogin, Barry; Dickinson, Federico; Azcorra, Hugo; Jimenez-Balam, Deira; Richardson, Simon; Castillo-Burguete, Maria T.; Avila-Escalanta, Maria L.; Varela Silva, Maria Ines
2013Nutritional status of Maya children, their mothers, and their grandmothers residing in the city of Merida, Mexico: revisiting the leg-length hypothesisAzcorra, Hugo; Varela Silva, Maria Ines; Rodriguez, Luis; Bogin, Barry; Dickinson, Federico
2018Palaeodemographics of individuals in Dinaledi Chamber using dental remainsBolter, Debra; Hawks, John; Bogin, Barry; Cameron, Noel
2017The postcranial skeletal maturation of Australopithecus sedibaCameron, Noel; Bogin, Barry; Bolter, Debra; Berger, Lee R.
2002Rapid change in height and body proportions of Maya American childrenBogin, Barry; Smith, P.; Orden, A.B.; Varela Silva, Maria Ines; Loucky, J.
2015Sex, sport, IGF-1 and the community effect in height hypothesisBogin, Barry; Hermanussen, Michael; Blum, Werner F.; Assmann, Christian
2017Strategic growth adjustments [Abstract]Hermanussen, Michael; Scheffler, Christiane; Bogin, Barry
2017Strategic growth adjustments [Poster]Hermanussen, Michael; Bogin, Barry; Scheffler, Christiane
2016Stunted growth. Proceedings of the 23rd Aschauer Soiree, held at Aschauhof, Germany, November 7th 2015Hermanussen, Michael; Ipsen, Josefin; Mumm, Rebekka; Assmann, Christian; Quitmann, Julia; Gomula, Aleksandra; Lehmann, Andreas; Jasch, Isabelle; Tassenaar, Vincent; Bogin, Barry; Satake, Takashi; Scheffler, Christiane; Nunez, Javier; Godina, Elena; Hardeland, Rudiger; Boldsen, Jesper; El-Shabrawi, Mortada; Elhusseini, Mona; Barbu, Carmen G.; Pop, Ralucca; Soederhaell, Jani; Merker, Andrea; Swanson, James; Groth, Detlef
2018Stunting, starvation, and refeeding - a review of forgotten 19th and early 20th century literature.Hermanussen, Michael; Bogin, Barry; Scheffler, Christiane
Showing results 35 to 54 of 54