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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Parameter estimation and equalization techniques for communication channels with multipath and multiple frequency offsetsAhmed, S.; Lambotharan, Sangarapillai; Jakobsson, Andreas; Chambers, Jonathon
2008Peak-to-average power ratio mitigation in quasi-orthogonal space time block coded MIMO-OFDM systems using selective mapping.Alharbi, Faisal S.; Chambers, Jonathon
2005Penalty function-based joint diagonalization approach for convolutive blind separation of nonstationary sourcesWang, Wenwu; Sanei, Saeid; Chambers, Jonathon
2014Performance analysis of multi-antenna selection policies using the golden code in multiple-input multiple-output systemsGe, Lu; Chen, Gaojie; Gong, Yu; Chambers, Jonathon
2006Performance of Bayesian estimation based variable rate variable power MQAM systemOng, Lay Teen; Lambotharan, Sangarapillai; Chambers, Jonathon; Shikh-Bahaei, Mohammad
2006Performance of variable rate and variable power MQAM system based on bit error rate and channel estimatesOng, Lay Teen; Shikh-Bahaei, Mohammad; Chambers, Jonathon; Lambotharan, Sangarapillai
2007A phase feedback based extended space-time block code for enhancement of diversityEltayeb, Nasr E.M.; Lambotharan, Sangarapillai; Chambers, Jonathon
2015Physical layer network security in the full-duplex relay systemChen, Gaojie; Gong, Yu; Xiao, Pei; Chambers, Jonathon
2009Polynomial matrix QR decomposition and iterative decoding of frequency selective MIMO channelsDavies, Martin; Lambotharan, Sangarapillai; Foster, Joanne; Chambers, Jonathon; McWhirter, John
2007A polynomial matrix QR decomposition with application to MIMO channel equalisationFoster, Joanne; McWhirter, John; Chambers, Jonathon
2009A polynomial QR decomposition based turbo equalization technique for frequency selective MIMO channels.Davies, Martin; Lambotharan, Sangarapillai; Foster, Joanne; Chambers, Jonathon
2012A posture recognition-based fall detection system for monitoring an elderly person in a smart home environmentYu, Miao; Rhuma, Adel; Naqvi, Syed M.R.; Wang, Liang; Chambers, Jonathon
2013Privacy-preserving clinical decision support system using gaussian kernel-based classificationRahulamathavan, Yogachandran; Veluru, Suresh; Phan, Raphael C.-W.; Chambers, Jonathon; Rajarajan, Muttukrishnan
2008Random partial update sum-squared autocorrelation minimization algorithm for channel shortening (RPUSAM).Grira, M.; Chambers, Jonathon
2008Removal of the eye-blink artifacts from EEGs via STF-TS modeling and robust minimum variance beamformingNazarpour, K.; Wongsawat, Yodchanan; Sanei, Saeid; Chambers, Jonathon; Oraintara, Soontorn
1997Residual echo signal in critically sampled subband acoustic echo cancellers based on IIR and FIR filter banksTanrıkulu, Oguz; Baykal, Buyurman; Constantinides, A.G.; Chambers, Jonathon
2009Resource allocation and block coding within a three-stage collaborative broadband relay networkKassim, Shakiru K.; Eltayeb, Nasr E.M.; Chambers, Jonathon
2010A robust fall detection system for the elderly in a smart roomYu, Miao; Naqvi, Syed M.R.; Chambers, Jonathon
2007A robust minimum variance beamforming approach for the removal of the eye-blink artifacts from EEGsNazarpour, K.; Wongsawat, Yodchanan; Sanei, Saeid; Oraintara, Soontorn; Chambers, Jonathon
1997A robust mixed-norm adaptive filter algorithmChambers, Jonathon; Avlonitis, Apostolos
Showing results 124 to 143 of 175