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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Effect of pressure wave disturbance on auto-ignition mode transition and knocking intensity under enclosed conditionsPan, Jiaying; Wei, Haiqiao; Shu, Gequn; Chen, Rui
2018Effects of applying EGR with split injection strategy on combustion performance and knock resistance in a spark assisted compression ignition (SACI) engineZhou, Lei; Dong, Kai; Hua, Jianxiong; Wei, Haiqiao; Chen, Rui; Han, Yiyong
2018The effects of gas diffusion layers structure on water transportation using X-ray computed tomography based Lattice Boltzmann methodJinuntuya, Fontip; Whiteley, Michael; Chen, Rui; Fly, Ashley
2017Effects of the turbulence model and the spray model on predictions of the n-heptane jet fuel–air mixing and the ignition characteristics with a reduced chemistry mechanismWei, Haiqiao; Chen, X. [Tianjin University]; Zhao, Wanhui; Zhou, Lei; Chen, Rui
2013An electrical circuit for performance analysis of polymer electrolyte fuel cell stacks using electrochemical impedance spectroscopyCruz-Manzo, Samuel; Chen, Rui
2013Electrochemical impedance study on estimating the mass transport resistance in the polymer electrolyte fuel cell cathode catalyst layerCruz-Manzo, Samuel; Chen, Rui
2017Energy- and exergy-based working fluid selection and performance analysis of a high-temperature PEMFC-based micro combined cooling heating and power systemChang, Huawei; Wan, Zhongmin; Zheng, Yao; Chen, Xi; Shu, Shuiming; Tu, Zhengkai; Chan, Siew H.; Chen, Rui; Wang, Xiaodong
2005Enlarging the operational range of a gasoline HCCI engine by controlling the coolant temperatureMilovanovic, Nesa; Blundell, D.; Pearson, R.J.; Turner, J.W.G.; Chen, Rui
2018Equivalent stiffness model of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack including hygrothermal effects and dimensional tolerancesFly, Ashley; Chen, Rui; Wang, Xiaodong
2015Evaluate the validity of electrochemical impedance measurements of polymer electrolyte fuel cells using a computational algorithm based on Fast Fourier TransformCruz-Manzo, Samuel; Chen, Rui; Greenwood, Paul S.
2016Evaluating environmental control system thermal response to degraded operating conditionsChilds, Thomas; Jones, Andy; Chen, Rui; Murray, Angus
2000Evaluation and modelling of a CO selective oxidation reactor for solid polymer fuel cell automotive applicationsDudfield, Christopher D.; Chen, Rui; Adcock, Paul L.
2018Experimental analysis of super-knock occurrence based on a spark ignition engine with high compression ratioZhou, Lei; Kang, Rui; Wei, Haiqiao; Feng, Dengquan; Hua, Jianxiong; Pan, Jiaying; Chen, Rui
2018Experimental and analytical analysis of polarization and water transport behaviors of hydrogen alkaline membrane fuel cellHuo, Sen; Zhou, Jiaxun; Wang, Tianyou; Chen, Rui; Jiao, Kui
2015Experimental assessment of vapour chamber heat spreader implementation in avionic coolingJones, Andy; Chen, Rui; Murray, Angus
2018Experimental investigation of turbulent flame propagation and pressure oscillation in a constant volume chamber equipped with an orifice plateWei, Haiqiao; Gao, Dongzhi; Zhou, Lei; Zhao, Jianfu; Chen, Rui
2019Experimental investigation on DMFCs using reduced noble metal loading with NiTiO3 as supportive material to enhance cell performancesThiagarajan, V.; Karthikeyan, P.; Thanarajan, K.; Neelakrishnan, S.; Manoharan, R.; Chen, Rui; Fly, Ashley; Anand, R.; Karuppa Raj, Thundil R.; Sendhil Kumar, N.
2016Experimental investigation on the Laminar burning velocities and Markstein lengths of methane and PRF95 dual fuelsPetrakides, Sotiris; Chen, Rui; Gao, Dongzhi; Wei, Haiqiao
2006Experimental study of DI diesel engine performance using three different biodiesel fuelsPatterson, Jill; Hassan, M.G.; Clarke, Andrew; Shama, Gilbert; Hassan-Sayed, Mohamed G.; Hellgardt, Klaus; Chen, Rui
2007An experimental study of the dual-fuel performance of a small compression ignition diesel engine operating with three gaseous fuelsStewart, Jill; Clarke, Andrew; Chen, Rui
Showing results 28 to 47 of 152