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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Radiating dispersive shock waves in non-local optical mediaEl, G.A.; Smyth, Noel F.
2012Refraction of dispersive shock wavesEl, G.A.; Khodorovskii, V.V.; Leszczyszyn, Antin M.
2005Resolution of a shock in hyperbolic systems modified by weak dispersionEl, G.A.
2017Rogue waves in integrable turbulence: semi-classical theory and fast measurementsSuret, Pierre; El, G.A.; Onorato, Miguel; Randoux, Stephane
2016Rogue waves in multiphase solutions of the focusing nonlinear Schrödinger equationBertola, Marco; El, G.A.; Tovbis, Alexander
2016Semiclassical limit of the focusing NLS: Whitham equations and the Riemann-Hilbert Problem approachTovbis, Alexander; El, G.A.
2018Solitonic dispersive hydrodynamics: theory and observationMaiden, Michelle D; Anderson, Dalton V.; Franco, Nevil A.; El, G.A.; Hoefer, M.A.
2005Spatial dispersive shock waves generated in supersonic flow of Bose-Einstein condensate past slender bodyEl, G.A.; Kamchatnov, A.M.
2017Stability of shear shallow water flows with free surfaceChesnokov, A.A.; El, G.A.; Gavrilyuk, S.L.; Pavlov, Maxim V.
2018Stationary expansion shocks for a regularized Boussinesq systemEl, G.A.; Hoefer, M.A.; Shearer, Michael
2007The theory of optical dispersive shock waves in photorefractive mediaEl, G.A.; Gammal, A.; Khamis, E.G.; Kraenkel, R.A.; Kamchatnov, A.M.
2003The thermodynamic limit of the Whitham equationsEl, G.A.
2009Transcritical flow of a Bose-Einstein condensate through a penetrable barrierLeszczyszyn, Antin M.; El, G.A.; Gladush, Y.G.; Kamchatnov, A.M.
2013Transcritical flow of a stratified fluid over topography: analysis of the forced Gardner equationKamchatnov, A.M.; Kuo, Y.-H.; Lin, Tai-Chia; Horng, T.-L.; Gou, S.-C.; Clift, Richard; El, G.A.; Grimshaw, Roger H.J.
2012Transformation of a shoaling undular boreEl, G.A.; Grimshaw, Roger H.J.; Tiong, Wei K.
2009Two-dimensional supersonic nonlinear Schrodinger flow past an extended obstacleEl, G.A.; Kamchatnov, A.M.; Khodorovskii, V.V.; Annibale, E.S.; Gammal, A.
2013Two-soliton interaction as an elementary act of soliton turbulence in integrable systemsPelinovsky, Efim N.; Shurgalina, E.G.; Sergeeva, A.V.; Talipova, Tatiana G.; El, G.A.; Grimshaw, Roger H.J.
2012Undular bore theory for the Gardner equationKamchatnov, A.M.; Kuo, Y.-H.; Lin, Tai-Chia; Horng, T.-L.; Gou, S.-C.; Clift, Richard; El, G.A.; Grimshaw, Roger H.J.
2017Universality of the Peregrine soliton in the focusing dynamics of the cubic nonlinear Schrodinger equationTikan, Alexey; Billet, Cyril; El, G.A.; Tovbis, Alexander; Bertola, Marco; Sylvestre, Thibaut; Gustave, Francois; Randoux, Stephane; Genty, Goery; Suret, Pierre; Dudley, John M.
2005Unsteady undular bores in fully nonlinear shallow-water theoryEl, G.A.; Grimshaw, Roger H.J.; Smyth, Noel F.
Showing results 24 to 43 of 45