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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The effects of licence disqualification on drink-drivers: Is it the same for everyone?Watson, Angela; Freeman, James; Imberger, K.; Filtness, Ashleigh J.; Wilson, Hollie; Healy, David; Cavallo, A.
2015Enhanced preference for high-fat foods following a simulated night shiftCain, Sean W.; Filtness, Ashleigh J.; Phillips, Craig L.; Anderson, Clare
2017Enhancing driving safety and user experience through unobtrusive and function-specific feedbackKunze, Alexander; Summerskill, Steve; Marshall, Russell; Filtness, Ashleigh J.
2016Factors associated with self-reported driver sleepiness and incidents in city bus driversAunund, Anna; Ihlstrom, Jonas; Fors, Carina; Kecklund, Goran; Filtness, Ashleigh J.
2016Fatal and serious pedal cycle and truck collisions in the UK: A systems approachTalbot, Rachel; Waterson, Patrick; Spuzlo, Giuli; Filtness, Ashleigh J.
2014From the bush to the 'burbs: an on-road study of driver situation awareness at rural and urban railway level crossingsSalmon, Paul M.; Lenne, Michael G.; Beanland, Vanessa; Young, Kristie; Filtness, Ashleigh J.; Stanton, Neville; Read, Gemma
2016Identification of infrastructure related risk factors, Deliverable 5.1 of the H2020 project SafetyCubeFiltness, Ashleigh J.; Papadimitriou, Eleonora; Leskovsek, B.; Focant, N.; Martensen, Heike; Sgarra, V.; Usami, D. Shingo; Soteropoulos, A.; Stadlbauer, S.; Theofilatos, Athanasios; Yannis, George; Ziakopoulos, A.; Diamandouros, K.; Durso, C.; Goldenbeld, Charles; Loenis, B.; Schermers, G.; van Petegem, J.-H.; Elvik, R.; Hesjevoll, I.S.; Quigley, Claire; Papazikou, E.
2016Identification of road user related risk factors, deliverable 4.1 of the H2020 project SafetyCube.Talbot, Rachel; Aigner-Breuss, E.; Kaiser, S.; Alfonsi, R.; Braun, E.; Eichhorn, A.; Etienne, V.; Filtness, Ashleigh J.; Gabaude, C.; Goldenbeld, Charles; Hay, M.; Jansch, M.; Leblud, J.; Leskovsek, B.; Paire-Ficourt, L.; Papadimitriou, Eleonora; Pilgerstorfer, M.; Russwurm, K.; Sandin, J.; Soteropoulos, A.; Strand, N.; Theofilatos, Athanasios; van Schagen, Ingrid; Yannis, George; Ziakopoulos, A.
2017Identification of safety effects of infrastructure related measures, Deliverable 5.2 of the H2020 project SafetyCubeMachata, Klaus; Papadimitriou, Eleonora; Soteropoulos, A.; Stadlbauer, S.; Pogacnik-Kokol, E.; Daniels, S.; De Ceunynck, T.; Focant, N.; Leblud, J.; Ammari, A.; Noella, K.; Usami, D. Shingo; Ziakopoulos, A.; Botteghi, G.; Theofilatos, Athanasios; Diamandouros, K.; Arampidou, K.; Goldenbeld, Charles; Loenis, B.; Schermers, G.; van Petegem, J.H.; Elvik, R.; Hesjevoll, I.S.; Quigley, Claire; Filtness, Ashleigh J.
2016Identification of vehicle related risk factors, deliverable 6.1 of the H2020 project SafetyCubeHermitte, T.; Reed, S.; Filtness, Ashleigh J.; Talbot, Rachel; Thomson, R.; Jansch, M.; Johannsen, Heiko; Niewohner, W.; Ancona, L.; Martin, O.; Vazquez-de-Prada, J.; Papadimitriou, Eleonora; Phan, V.; Saade, J.; Cuny, S.; Lesire, Philippe; Leopold, Franck; Labrousse, M.
2013The impact of interface modality on police officers’ visual behaviour when using an in-vehicle systemFiltness, Ashleigh J.; Lenne, Michael G.; Mitsopoulos-Rubens, Eve
2018Implications of estimating road traffic serious injuries from hospital dataPerez, Katherine; Weijermars, Wendy; Bos, Niels; Filtness, Ashleigh J.; Bauer, Robert; Johannsen, Heiko; Nuyttens, Nina; Pascal, Lea; Thomas, Pete; Olabarria, M.; Working group of WP7
2015Incident and near miss reporting culture in recreational hot air ballooningFiltness, Ashleigh J.; Goode, Natassia; Cook, Robert
2013Interactions between cars and motorcycles: testing underlying concepts through integration of on-road and simulator studiesLenne, Michael G.; Salmon, Paul M.; Beanland, Vanessa; Walker, Guy H.; Underwood, Geoffrey; Filtness, Ashleigh J.
2017Inventory of assessed infrastructure risk factors and measures, Deliverable 5.4 of the H2020 project SafetyCubeUsami, D. Shingo; Papadimitriou, Eleonora; Ziakopoulos, A.; Quigley, Claire; Katrakazas, Christos; Durso, C.; Marinko, V.; Leskovsek, B.; Pogacnik-Kokol, E.; Sgarra, V.; Ammari, A.; Noella, K.; Diamandouros, K.; Arampidou, K.; Machata, Klaus; Soteropoulos, A.; Stadlbauer, S.; Filtness, Ashleigh J.; Papazikou, E.; Botteghi, G.; Theofilatos, Athanasios; Schermers, G.; van Petegem, J.-H.; Goldenbeld, Charles; Loenis, B.; Weijermars, Wendy; Rodriguez Palmeiro, A.; Elvik, R.; Hesjevoll, I.S.; Daniels, S.; Schoeters, Annelies; De Ceunynck, T.; Focant, N.; Martensen, Heike; Leblud, J.
2018Is it safe to cross? Identification of trains and their approach speed at level crossingsLarue, Gregoire S.; Filtness, Ashleigh J.; Wood, Joanne; Demmel, Sebastien; Watling, Christopher N.; Naweed, Anjum; Rakotonirainy, Andry
2014Longitudinal change in sleep and daytime sleepiness in postpartum womenFiltness, Ashleigh J.; MacKenzie, Janelle; Armstrong, Kerry A.
2011Moderate sleep restriction in treated older male OSA participants: greater impairment during monotonous driving compared with controlsFiltness, Ashleigh J.; Reyner, Louise A.; Horne, James A.
2011Obstructive sleep apnoea and daytime driver sleepinessFiltness, Ashleigh J.
2012One night's CPAP withdrawal in otherwise compliant OSA patients: marked driving impairment but good awareness of increased sleepinessFiltness, Ashleigh J.; Reyner, Louise A.; Horne, James A.
Showing results 15 to 34 of 48