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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A kinematic algorithm to identify gait events during running at different speeds and with different footstrike typesHandsaker, Joe C.; Forrester, Stephanie E.; Folland, Jonathan P.; Black, Matt I.; Allen, Samuel J.
2016Modulation of post-movement beta rebound by contraction force and rate of force developmentFry, Adam; Mullinger, Karen J.; O'Neill, George C.; Barratt, Eleanor L.; Morris, Peter G.; Bauer, Markus; Folland, Jonathan P.; Brookes, Matthew J.
2016Multidirectional hopping exercise improved balance and ankle plantarflexion strength in community-dwelling older men [Abstract]Allison, Sarah J.; Folland, Jonathan P.; Brooke-Wavell, Katherine S.F.
2017Muscle size and strength: debunking the “completely separate phenomena” suggestionBalshaw, Thomas G.; Massey, Garry J.; Maden-Wilkinson, Thomas M.; Folland, Jonathan P.
2010Neuromuscular performance of explosive power athletes versus untrained individualsTillin, Neale A.; Jimenez-Reyes, Pedro; Pain, Matthew T.G.; Folland, Jonathan P.
2017Reliability of quadriceps surface electromyography measurements is improved by two vs. single site recordingsBalshaw, Thomas G.; Fry, A.; Maden-Wilkinson, Thomas M.; Kong, Pui W.; Folland, Jonathan P.
2017Running technique is an important component of running economy and performanceFolland, Jonathan P.; Allen, Samuel J.; Black, Matt I.; Handsaker, Joe C.; Forrester, Stephanie E.
2008Salivary IgA as a risk factor for upper respiratory infections in elite professional athletesNeville, Vernon; Gleeson, Michael; Folland, Jonathan P.
2018Sex differences in muscle morphology of the knee flexors and knee extensorsBehan, Fearghal; Maden-Wilkinson, Thomas M.; Pain, Matthew T.G.; Folland, Jonathan P.
2008Similarity of polygenic profiles limits the potential for elite human physical performanceWilliams, Alun G.; Folland, Jonathan P.
2018Tendinous tissue properties after short and long-term functional overload: Differences between controls, 12 weeks and 4 years of resistance training.Massey, Garry J.; Balshaw, Thomas G.; Maden-Wilkinson, Thomas M.; Folland, Jonathan P.
2016Training-specific functional, neural, and hypertrophic adaptations to explosive-vs. sustained-contraction strength trainingBalshaw, Thomas G.; Massey, Garry J.; Maden-Wilkinson, Thomas M.; Tillin, Neale A.; Folland, Jonathan P.
2012Whey protein does not enhance the adaptations to elbow flexor resistance trainingErskine, Robert M.; Fletcher, Gareth; Hanson, Beth; Folland, Jonathan P.
Showing results 19 to 31 of 31