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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Performance and durability of broadband antireflection coatings for thin film CdTe solar cellsWomack, Gerald; Kaminski, Piotr M.; Abbas, Ali; Isbilir, Kenan; Gottschalg, Ralph; Walls, Michael
2010Performance characterisation of photovoltaic modulesGottschalg, Ralph
2010Performance measurements at varying irradiance spectrum, intensity and module temperature of amorphous silicon solar cellsBliss, Martin; Betts, Thomas R.; Gottschalg, Ralph
2002Performance of amorphous silicon double junction photovoltaic systems in different climatic zonesGottschalg, Ralph; Jardine, Christian N.; Ruther, R.; Betts, Thomas R.; Conibeer, G.J.; Close, J.; Infield, David; Kearney, Michael J.; Lam, K.H.; Lane, Kevin; Pang, H.; Tscharner, R.
2011Performance of amorphous silicon in the initial, degraded and annealed states under varying spectrum, irradiance and temperatureBliss, Martin; Zhu, Jiang; Betts, Thomas R.; Gottschalg, Ralph
2011Performance of an amorphous silicon mini module in the initial, light-induced degraded and annealed statesBliss, Martin; Zhu, Jiang; Betts, Thomas R.; Gottschalg, Ralph
2006Performance of high-efficiency photovoltaic systems in a maritime climateStrobel, Matthias; Gottschalg, Ralph; Chaplin, C.R.; Infield, David
2003Performance of photovoltaic modules in a temperate maritime climateWilliams, Sheryl R.; Gottschalg, Ralph; Infield, David
2006Photovoltaic performance measurements in Europe: PV-catapult round robin testsBetts, Thomas R.; Zdanowicz, T.; Prorok, M.; Kolodenny, W.; de Moor, H.; Borg, N.V.D.; Stellbogen, D.; Hohl-Ebinger, J.; Warta, W.; Friesen, Gabi; Chianese, D.; Guerin de Montgareuil, Antoine; Herrmann, W.; Diaz Berrade, J.; Moracho, J.; Cueli, A.B.; Lagunas R., A.R.; Gottschalg, Ralph
2013Potential for LED solar simulatorsPlyta, Foteini; Betts, Thomas R.; Gottschalg, Ralph
2014Propagation of measurement uncertainties in mismatch factor correction for photovoltaic device calibration.Mihaylov, Blagovest V.; Bliss, Martin; Betts, Thomas R.; Gottschalg, Ralph
2012PV module degradation mechanisms under different environmental stress factorsWu, Dan; Zhu, Jiang; Betts, Thomas R.; Gottschalg, Ralph
2018Realistic adhesion test for photovoltaic modules qualificationZhu, Jiang; Wu, Dan; Montiel-Chicharro, Daniel; Betts, Thomas R.; Gottschalg, Ralph
2017Remote monitoring and failure detection for distributed small-scale PV systemsKoumpli, Elena; Palmer, Diane; Rowley, Paul; Gottschalg, Ralph
2015Replenishing deficient datasets in PV system monitoringKoubli, Eleni; Palmer, Diane; Rowley, Paul; Gottschalg, Ralph
2014Results of the Sophia module intercomparison part-1: stc, low irradiance conditions and temperature coefficients measurements of C-Si technologiesMihaylov, Blagovest V.; Bowers, Jake W.; Betts, Thomas R.; Gottschalg, Ralph; Krametz, T.; Leidl, R.; Berger, K.A.; Zamini, Shokufeh; Dekker, N.J.J.; Graditi, G.; Roca, F.; Pellegrino, M.; Flaminio, G.; Pugliatti, P.; Di Stefano, A.; Aleo, F.; Gigliucci, G.; Ferrara, W.; Razongles, G.; Merten, J.; Pozza, A.; Santamaria Lancia, A.; Hoffmann, S.; Koehl, M.; Gerber, A.; Noll, J.; Paletta, F.; Friesen, Gabi; Dittmann, Sebastian
2011A review of overcurrent protection methods for solar photovoltaic DC circuitsGoss, Brian; Reading, C.; Gottschalg, Ralph
2013Review of uncertainty sources in indoor PV calibration of c-SI, and thin film single junction and multi junction cells and modulesMihaylov, Blagovest V.; Bliss, Martin; Betts, Thomas R.; Gottschalg, Ralph
2016The role of EVA encapsulation in the degradation of wafer based PV modulesZhu, Jiang; Montiel-Chicharro, Daniel; Owen-Bellini, Michael; Betts, Thomas R.; Gottschalg, Ralph
2018Satellite or ground-based measurements for production of site specific hourly irradiance data: Which is most accurate and where?Palmer, Diane; Koubli, Eleni; Cole, Ian R.; Betts, Thomas R.; Gottschalg, Ralph
Showing results 126 to 145 of 180