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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Nonlinear disintegration of the internal tideHelfrich, K.R.; Grimshaw, Roger H.J.
2000Nonlinear effects in wave scattering and generationGrimshaw, Roger H.J.
2007Nonlinear free surface flows past a semi-infinite flat plate in water of finite depthMaleewong, M.; Grimshaw, Roger H.J.
2001Nonlinear geostrophic adjustment in the presence of a boundaryReznik, G.M.; Grimshaw, Roger H.J.
2007Novel solitary pulses for a variable-coefficient derivative nonlinear Schrödinger equationChow, K.W.; Yip, L.P.; Grimshaw, Roger H.J.
2000Numerical simulations of the flow of a continuously-stratified inertial effectsAigner, A.; Grimshaw, Roger H.J.
2006Reflecting tidal wave beams and local generation of solitary waves in the ocean thermoclineAkylas, T.R.; Grimshaw, Roger H.J.; Clarke, Simon R.; Tabaei, A.
2007Rossby elevation waves in the presence of a critical layerCaillol, P.; Grimshaw, Roger H.J.
2006Rossby solitary waves in the presence of a critical layerCaillol, P.; Grimshaw, Roger H.J.
2005Rossby waves on a shear flow with recirculation coresDerzho, Oleg G.; Grimshaw, Roger H.J.
2004Short-lived large-amplitude pulses in the nonlinear long-wave model described by the modified Korteweg–de Vries equationGrimshaw, Roger H.J.; Pelinovsky, Efim N.; Talipova, Tatiana G.; Ruderman, Michael; Erdelyi, Robert
2002Singular and regular gap solitons between three dispersion curvesGrimshaw, Roger H.J.; Malomed, Boris A.; Gottwald, Georg A.
2001Solitary waves of a coupled Korteweg-de Vries systemGrimshaw, Roger H.J.; Iooss, Gerard
2006Solitary wave solution for a non-integrable, variable coefficient nonlinear Schrodinger equationGrimshaw, Roger H.J.
2006Solitary waves propagating over variable topographyGrimshaw, Roger H.J.
2002Solitary waves with recirculation zones in axisymmetric rotating flowsDerzho, Oleg G.; Grimshaw, Roger H.J.
2005Soliton dynamics in a strong periodic field: the Korteweg-de Vries frameworkGrimshaw, Roger H.J.; Pelinovsky, Efim N.; Talipova, Tatiana G.
2003Steady multipolar planar vortices with nonlinear critical layersCaillol, P.; Grimshaw, Roger H.J.
2010Structure formation in the oceanic subsurface bubble layer by an internal wave fieldGrimshaw, Roger H.J.; Khusnutdinova, Karima R.; Ostrovsky, L.A.; Topolnikov, A.S.
2013Transcritical flow of a stratified fluid over topography: analysis of the forced Gardner equationKamchatnov, A.M.; Kuo, Y.-H.; Lin, T.-C.; Horng, T.-L.; Gou, S.-C.; Clift, Richard; El, G.A.; Grimshaw, Roger H.J.
Showing results 27 to 46 of 54