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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Emerging applications of low temperature gas plasmas in the food industryShaw, Alexander H.; Shama, Gilbert; Iza, Felipe
2007Evolution of the electron energy distribution function in pulsed micro hollow cathode dischargeKim, G.J.; Hong, Y.J.; Iza, Felipe; Lee, Jae Koo
2008Evolution of the light emission profile in radio-frequency atmospheric pressure glow dischargesLiu, D.W.; Iza, Felipe; Kong, Michael G.
2018The fate of plasma-generated oxygen atoms in aqueous solutions: non-equilibrium atmospheric pressure plasmas as an efficient source of atomic O(aq)Benedikt, J.; Mokhtar Hefny, M.; Shaw, Alexander H.; Buckley, Benjamin R.; Iza, Felipe; Schakermann, S.; Bandow, J.E.
2009Field emission and lifetime of microcavity plasmaKim, G.J.; Iza, Felipe; Lee, Jae Koo
2013Fluorescence probe for determining the ozone dose delivered by plasmasCastello Beltran, Carlos; Buckley, Benjamin R.; Iza, Felipe
2017Foundations of atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium plasmasBruggeman, Peter; Iza, Felipe; Brandenburg, Ronny
2009From submicrosecond-to nanosecond-pulsed atmospheric-pressure plasmasIza, Felipe; Walsh, James L.; Kong, Michael G.
2012Generation and loss of reactive oxygen species in low-temperature atmospheric-pressure RF He+O2+H2O plasmaMcKay, Kirsty; Liu, Ding-Xin; Rong, Ming-Zhe; Iza, Felipe; Kong, Michael G.
2012Generation and loss of reactive oxygen species in low-temperature atmospheric-pressure RF He + O2 + H2O plasmasMcKay, Kirsty; Liu, Ding-Xin; Rong, Ming-Zhe; Iza, Felipe; Kong, Michael G.
2017Geometry optimization of linear and annular plasma synthetic jet actuatorsNeretti, Gabriele; Seri, Paolo; Taglioli, Matteo; Shaw, Alexander H.; Iza, Felipe; Borghi, Carlo A.
2019Global model of an atmospheric-pressure capacitive discharge in helium with air impurities from 100 to 10000 ppmSun, Bowen; Liu, Ding-Xin; Iza, Felipe; Wang, Sui; Yang, Aijun; Liu, Zhijie; Rong, Ming-Zhe; Wang, Xiao-Hua
2010Global model of low-temperature atmospheric-pressure He + H2O plasmasLiu, Ding-Xin; Bruggeman, Peter; Iza, Felipe; Rong, Ming-Zhe; Kong, Michael G.
2013Guest editorial: special issue on plenary and invited papers from ICOPS'2012Iza, Felipe; Ekdahl, Carl; Kong, Michael G.
2014Hydrogen peroxide production in an atmospheric pressure RF glow discharge: comparison of models and experimentsVasko, C.A.; Liu, Ding-Xin; van Veldhuizen, E.M.; Iza, Felipe; Bruggeman, Peter
2002Influence of operating frequency and coupling coefficient on the efficiency of microfabricated inductively coupled plasma sourcesIza, Felipe; Hopwood, Jeffrey A.
2019Influence of the on-time on the ozone production in pulsed dielectric barrier dischargesMontazersadgh, Faraz; Wright, Alexander R.P.; Ren, Junchen; Shaw, Alexander H.; Neretti, Gabriele; Bandulasena, Hemaka C.H.; Iza, Felipe
2019Influence of the voltage waveform’s shape and on-time duration on the dissolved ozone produced by a DBD bubble reactorSeri, Paolo; Wright, Alexander R.P.; Shaw, Alexander H.; Iza, Felipe; Bandulasena, Hemaka C.H.; Borghi, Carlo A.; Neretti, Gabriele
2003Low-power microwave plasma source based on a microstrip split-ring resonatorIza, Felipe; Hopwood, Jeffrey A.
2007Low-pressure plasma generation inside slender tubesIza, Felipe; Lee, Jae Koo
Showing results 36 to 55 of 93