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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Plasma medicine: an introductory reviewKong, Michael G.; Kroesen, G.; Morfill, G.E.; Nosenko, T.; Shimizu, T.; van Dijk, J.; Zimmermann, J.L.
2006Plasma stability control using dielectric barriers in radio-frequency atmospheric pressure glow dischargesShi, J.J.; Liu, D.W.; Kong, Michael G.
2007Probing bactericidal mechanisms induced by cold atmospheric plasmas with Escherichia coli mutantsPerni, Stefano; Shama, Gilbert; Hobman, J.L.; Lund, P.A.; Kershaw, C.J.; Hidalgo-Arroyo, G.A.; Penn, C.W.; Deng, X.T.; Walsh, James L.; Kong, Michael G.
2001Propagation modes of surface discharge plasma in a metallized polymer film capacitorLee, Y.P.; Kong, Michael G.
2012Prospects for treating foods with cold atmospheric gas plasmasShama, Gilbert; Kong, Michael G.
2007Protein destruction by a helium atmospheric pressure glow discharge: capability and mechanismsDeng, X.T.; Shi, J.J.; Kong, Michael G.
2007Protein destruction by atmospheric pressure glow dischargesDeng, X.T.; Shi, J.J.; Chen, H.L.; Kong, Michael G.
2007Radio-frequency dielectric-barrier glow discharges in atmospheric argonShi, J.J.; Kong, Michael G.
2012Reactive oxygen species production in atmospheric-pressure low-temperature He+O2+H2O plasmasMcKay, Kirsty; Iza, Felipe; Kong, Michael G.
2009Reduction and degradation of amyloid aggregates by a pulsed radio-frequency cold atmospheric plasma jetBayliss, Danny; Walsh, James L.; Shama, Gilbert; Iza, Felipe; Kong, Michael G.
2007Room-temperature atmospheric argon plasma jet sustained with submicrosecond high-voltage pulsesWalsh, James L.; Kong, Michael G.
1997A rotating arc gas pump for circuit breaking and other applicationsEnnis, Michael G.; Jones, Gordon R.; Kong, Michael G.; Spencer, Joe W.; Turner, David R.
2007Self-organized pattern formation of an atmospheric pressure plasma jet in a dielectric barrier discharge configurationNie, Qiu-Yue; Ren, Chun-Sheng; Wang, De Zhen; Li, Shou-Zhe; Zhang, Jia-Liang; Kong, Michael G.
1997Sensitivity improvement of an optical current sensor with enhanced Faraday rotationLi, Gongde; Kong, Michael G.; Jones, Gordon R.; Spencer, Joe W.
2006Sharp bursts of high-flux reactive species in submicrosecond atmospheric pressure glow dischargesWalsh, James L.; Kong, Michael G.
2005Sheath dynamics in radio-frequency atmospheric glow dischargesShi, J.J.; Kong, Michael G.
2010Spatially extended atmospheric plasma arraysCao, Z.; Nie, Qiu-Yue; Bayliss, Danny; Walsh, James L.; Ren, Chun-Sheng; Wang, De Zhen; Kong, Michael G.
2010Special issue on plenary and invited papers from ICOPS 2009Beg, Farhat N.; Kong, Michael G.; Blank, Monica
2002Strong wiggler field assisted amplification in a second-harmonic waveguide free electron laserZhong, Xiehe; Kong, Michael G.
2006Submicrosecond pulsed atmospheric glow discharges sustained without dielectric barriers at kilohertz frequenciesWalsh, James L.; Shi, J.J.; Kong, Michael G.
Showing results 73 to 92 of 101