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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Large-volume and low-frequency atmospheric glow discharges without dielectric barrierShi, J.J.; Kong, Michael G.
2006Lethality mechanisms in Escherichia coli induced by intense sub-microsecond electrical pulsesChalise, Priya R.; Perni, Stefano; Shama, Gilbert; Novac, Bucur M.; Smith, Ivor R.; Kong, Michael G.
2017Main species and chemical pathways in cold atmospheric-pressure Ar+H2O plasmasLiu, Ding-Xin; Sun, Bowen; Iza, Felipe; Xu, Dehui; Wang, Xiao-Hua; Rong, Ming-Zhe; Kong, Michael G.
2005Mechanisms of the alpha and gamma modes in radio-frequency atmosphericShi, J.J.; Kong, Michael G.
2008Microplasmas: sources, particle kinetics, and biomedical applicationsIza, Felipe; Kim, G.J.; Lee, S.M.; Lee, Jae Koo; Walsh, James L.; Zhang, Yuan Tao; Kong, Michael G.
2007Mitigating plasma constriction using dielectric barriers in radio-frequency atmospheric pressure glow dischargesShi, J.J.; Liu, D.W.; Kong, Michael G.
2005Mode characteristics of radio-frequency atmospheric glow dischargesShi, J.J.; Kong, Michael G.
2006Modeling the inactivation kinetics of Bacillus subtilis spores by nonthermal plasmasPerni, Stefano; Deng, X.T.; Shama, Gilbert; Kong, Michael G.
1998Mode-selective amplification in a waveguide free electron laser with a two-sectioned wigglerKong, Michael G.
2007Mode transition in radio-frequency atmospheric argon discharges with and without dielectric barriersShi, J.J.; Kong, Michael G.
2005Multilayer plasma patterns in atmospheric pressure glow dischargesYang, Y.; Shi, J.J.; Harry, J.E.; Proctor, J.; Garner, Colin P.; Kong, Michael G.
2005Multilayer plasma patterns in paralleled and coupled atmospheric glow dischargesYang, Y.; Shi, J.J.; Harry, J.E.; Proctor, J.; Garner, Colin P.; Kong, Michael G.
2002Nonlinear amplification in a second-harmonic waveguide free-electron laserZhong, Xiehe; Kong, Michael G.
2005Nonthermal atmospheric plasmas sustained without dielectric barrier in the kilohertz rangeShi, J.J.; Kong, Michael G.
2001Numerically established correlation in electrical responses of polymer film capacitors to ac and pulsed voltagesLee, Y.P.; Kong, Michael G.
2010Optical emission spectroscopy as a diagnostic for plasmas in liquids: opportunities and pitfallsBruggeman, Peter; Verreycken, Tiny; Gonzalez, Manuel A.; Walsh, James L.; Kong, Michael G.; Leys, Christophe; Schram, Daan C.
2001Parametric conditions for generation of stable atmospheric pressure nonthermal plasmasDeng, X.T.; Kong, Michael G.
2007Period multiplication and chaotic phenomena in atmospheric dielectric-barrier glow dischargesWang, Y.H.; Zhang, D.Z.; Wang, De Zhen; Kong, Michael G.
2006Physical mechanisms of inactivation of Bacillus subtilis spores using cold atmospheric plasmasDeng, X.T.; Shi, J.J.; Kong, Michael G.
2009Plasma medicine: an introductory reviewKong, Michael G.; Kroesen, G.; Morfill, G.E.; Nosenko, T.; Shimizu, T.; van Dijk, J.; Zimmermann, J.L.
Showing results 54 to 73 of 101