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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Surface properties of solids and surface acoustic waves: application to chemical sensors and layer characterisationKrylov, Victor V.
1979Surface-tension dispersion of Rayleigh wavesKrasil'nikov, V.A.; Krylov, Victor V.
1998Theoretical model of Rayleigh wave interaction with stripes of viscous liquidsKrylov, Victor V.; Newton, M.I.; Cowen, J.A.; Banejee, M.K.; McHale, G.
2007Theoretical prediction of ground vibrations from heavy military vehiclesKrylov, Victor V.; McNuff, J.; Pickup, S.
1995Theoretical prediction of ground vibrations from underground trainsKrylov, Victor V.
2000Theoretical prediction of ground vibrations generated by road vehiclesKrylov, Victor V.
1999Theoretical treatment of ground vibrations from high speed railwaysKrylov, Victor V.
1995Theory of chemical sensors using surface acoustic wavesKrylov, Victor V.
1980Theory of hypersonic surface waves in solidsKrasil'nikov, V.A.; Krylov, Victor V.
1982Thermooptical generation of surface acoustic waves in a solidKrylov, Victor V.; Pavlov, V.l.
1998Traffic calming and associated ground vibrationsKrylov, Victor V.
1999Transient effects of high speed trains crossing soft soilHeelis, M.E.; Collop, A.C.; Dawson, A.R.; Chapman, David N.; Krylov, Victor V.
1988Transmission of a Rayleigh wave across smooth large-scale surface irregularitiesKrylov, Victor V.
1988Transmission of Rayleigh waves through smooth large-scale surface irregularitiesKrylov, Victor V.
2007Understanding seismic signatures of heavy military vehiclesKrylov, Victor V.; Pickup, S.; McNuff, J.
1996Vibrational impact of high-speed trains. I. Effect of track dynamicsKrylov, Victor V.
1990Waveforms of acoustic pulses generated in a solid by a spark dischargeKorolev, S.V.; Krylov, Victor V.
2010Wave-like aquatic propulsion of mono-hull marine vesselsKrylov, Victor V.; Porteous, E.
2009Weakly radiating structural modes of automotive-type panelsRousounelos, Andreas; Walsh, Stephen J.; Krylov, Victor V.
1990Wedge acoustic waves: new theoretical and experimental resultsKrylov, Victor V.
Showing results 167 to 186 of 186