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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Large linear magnetoresistivity in strongly inhomogeneous planar and layered systemsBulgadaev, S.A.; Kusmartsev, F.V.
2015Leverage constraints and real interest ratesIsohaetaelae, Jukka; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Milne, Alistair; Robertson, Donald
2013Localised states of Fabry-Perot type in graphene nano-ribbonsForrester, Michael; Zalipaev, V.V.; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Linton, C.M.
2017Manifestation of quantum rotor orbital excitations in Raman spectra of Jahn-Teller crystal LaMnO3Kovaleva, Natalia N.; Kusmartseva, Olga E.; Kugel, K.I.; Kusmartsev, F.V.
2011Matryoshka locally resonant sonic crystalElford, Daniel P.; Chalmers, Luke; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Swallowe, G.M.
2017Microwave generation in synchronized semiconductor superlatticesGaifullin, Marat; Alexeeva, Natalia V.; Hramov, Alexander E.; Makarov, V.V.; Maksimenko, V.A.; Koronovskii, Alexey A.; Greenaway, M.T.; Fromhold, T.M.; Patane, A.; Mellor, Christopher; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Balanov, Alexander G.
2017Morphological imperfections of epitaxial graphene: from a hindrance to the generation of new photo-responses in the visible domainBen Gouider Trabelsi, A.; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Gaifullin, Marat; Forrester, Michael; Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Oueslati, M.
1991Multiphonon absorption of light in nonpolar crystalsKusmartsev, F.V.
2014The nano-mechanics and magnetic properties of high moment synthetic antiferromagnetic particlesForrester, Michael; Kusmartsev, F.V.
2017Nonlinear dynamics and band transport in a superlattice driven by a plane waveApostolakis, Apostolos; Awodele, M. Kofoworola; Alekseev, Kirill N.; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Balanov, Alexander G.
2014Numerical simulation of antiferromagnetically coupled nanomagnetsKovacs, Endre; Forrester, Michael; Kusmartsev, F.V.
2008Orbital non-Fermi-liquid behavior in cubic ruthenatesLaad, Mukul S.; Bradaric, I.; Kusmartsev, F.V.
2014Parametric amplification of vortex-antivortex pair generation in a Josephson junctionBerdiyorov, G.R.; Milosevic, M.V.; Savel'ev, Sergey; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Peeters, F.M.
2002Pendulum limit, chaos and phase-locking in the dynamics of ac-driven semiconductor superlatticesAlekseev, Kirill N.; Kusmartsev, F.V.
1996Phase diagram of the 2D $^4$He in the density-temperature planeKusmartsev, F.V.; Saarela, M.
2016Phase transitions to dipolar clusters and charge density waves in high Tc superconductorsSaarela, M.; Kusmartsev, F.V.
2016Phonon assisted resonant tunnelling and its phonons controlKusmartsev, F.V.; Krevchik, V.D.; Semenov, M.B.; Filatov, D.O.; Shorokhov, Aleksei V.; Bukharaev, A.A.; Dakhnovsky, Y.; Nikolaev, A.V.; Pyataev, Nikolai A.; Zaytsev, R.V.; Krevchik, P.V.; Egorov, I.A.; Yamamoto, K.; Aringazin, A.K.
2015Physical principles of the amplification of electromagnetic radiation due to negative electron masses in a semiconductor superlatticeShorokhov, Aleksei V.; Pyataev, Nikolai A.; Khvastunov, Nikolai N.; Hyart, Timo; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Alekseev, Kirill N.
2005Planar isotropic two-phase systems in perpendicular magnetic field: effective conductivityBulgadaev, S.A.; Kusmartsev, F.V.
2016Prometheus induced vorticity in Saturn's F ringSutton, Phil J.; Kusmartsev, F.V.
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