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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Shape and wobbling wave excitations in Josephson junctions: exact solutions of the (2+1)-dimensional sine-Gordon modelGulevich, Dmitry R.; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Savel'ev, Sergey; Yampol'skii, V.A.; Nori, Franco
2008Shape waves in 2D Josephson junctions: exact solutions and time dilationGulevich, Dmitry R.; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Savel'ev, Sergey; Yampol'skii, V.A.; Nori, Franco
2018Shedding light on topological superconductorsVillegas, K.H.A.; Kovalev, V.M.; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Savenko, I.G.
2015Snake states and their symmetries in grapheneLiu, Yang; Tiwari, Rakesh P.; Brada, Matej; Bruder, C.; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Mele, Elisa
2010Sobnack and Kusmartsev reply: Comment on "Suppression of Superconductivity in Mesoscopic Superconductors"Sobnack, M.B.; Kusmartsev, F.V.
2016Spatial distribution of electric field in a quantum superlattice with an injecting contact: exact solutionMaksimenko, V.A.; Makarov, V.V.; Koronovskii, Alexey A.; Hramov, Alexander E.; Venckevicius, R.; Valusis, G.; Balanov, Alexander G.; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Alekseev, Kirill N.
2013Spectrum of localized states in graphene quantum dots and wiresZalipaev, V.V.; Maksimov, D.N.; Linton, C.M.; Kusmartsev, F.V.
2018Spin-orbital polarons in electron doped copper oxidesKusmartseva, Anna F.; Yu, Heshan; Jin, K.; Kusmartsev, F.V.
1997Spontaneous DC current generation in a resistively shunted semiconductor superlattice driven by a TeraHertz fieldAlekseev, Kirill N.; Cannon, E.H.; McKinney, J.C.; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Campbell, D.K.
2012Squeezing as the source of inefficiency in the quantum Otto cycleZagoskin, Alexandre M.; Savel'ev, Sergey; Nori, Franco; Kusmartsev, F.V.
2012A stable "flat" form of two-dimensional crystals: could graphene, silicene, germanene be minigap semiconductors?O'Hare, Anthony; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Kugel, K.I.
2011Statistical mechanics of economics IKusmartsev, F.V.
2014Studies of permittivity and permeability of dielectric matrix with cuboid metallic inclusions in different orientationsWu, Wai M.; Njoku, Chinwe C.; Whittow, W.G.; Zagoskin, Alexandre M.; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Vardaxoglou, J.C.
2014Subterahertz chaos generation by coupling a superlattice to a linear resonatorHramov, Alexander E.; Makarov, V.V.; Koronovskii, Alexey A.; Kurkin, S.A.; Gaifullin, Marat; Alexeeva, Natalia V.; Alekseev, Kirill N.; Greenaway, M.T.; Fromhold, T.M.; Patane, A.; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Maksimenko, V.A.; Moskalenko, Olga I.; Balanov, Alexander G.
2000Suppression of superconductivity in mesoscopic superconductorsSobnack, M.B.; Kusmartsev, F.V.
2000Switching and symmetry breaking behaviour of discrete breathers in Josephson laddersGiles, R.T.; Kusmartsev, F.V.
2013Switching dynamics of doped CoFeB trilayers and a comparison to the quasistatic approximationForrester, D. Michael; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Kovacs, Endre
2001Symmetry-breaking and chaos in electron transport in semiconductor superlatticesAlekseev, Kirill N.; Cannon, E.H.; McKinney, J.C.; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Campbell, D.K.
2006Thermodynamics of entropy-driven phase transformationsRadosz, A.; Ostasiewicz, K.; Magnuszewski, P.; Damczyk, J.; RadosiƄski, L.; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Samson, J.H.
2009Two-dimensional Ising model with competing interactions: phase diagram and low-temperature remanent disorderO'Hare, Anthony; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Kugel, K.I.
Showing results 92 to 111 of 115