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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Numerical experiments of hydrogen-air premixed flamesAbdel-Raheem, Mohamed A.; Ibrahim, Salah S.; Malalasekera, W.
2016Numerical simulation of a GDI engine flow using LES and PODBeavis, Nick J.; Ibrahim, Salah S.; Malalasekera, W.
2015Numerical simulation of hydrogen discharge in a partially enclosed spaceBeard, Thomas; Bragin, Maxim; Malalasekera, W.; Ibrahim, Salah S.
2005Numerical study of bluff-body non-premixed flame structures using laminar flamelet modelHossain, Mamdud; Malalasekera, W.
2016Observations on the implementation of LEDs for general lightingPryde, James R.; Whalley, David C.; Malalasekera, W.
2016Optimisation of machine components in thermal bonding process of nonwovens: Effect of the conveyer belt on the porous web performancePeksen, Murat; Acar, Memis; Malalasekera, W.
2010A parametric study on large eddy simulations of turbulent premixed flamesGubba, Sreenivasa Rao; Ibrahim, Salah S.; Malalasekera, W.
1997Predicting the onset of end-gas autoignition with a quasi-dimensional spark ignition engine modelJenkin, R.J.; James, E.H.; Malalasekera, W.
1996Radiative heat transfer calculations in three-dimensional complex geometriesMalalasekera, W.
2008Recirculation and vortex breakdown in isothermal and reacting swirling flows: insights from two different large eddy simulation programs [Published as: Large eddy simulations of swirling non-premixed flames with flamelet models: a comparison of numerical methods]Kempf, A.; Malalasekera, W.; Ranga-Dinesh, K.K.J.; Stein, O.
2014A review of LED technology trends and relevant thermal management strategiesPryde, James R.; Whalley, David C.; Malalasekera, W.
1996A review of research and experimental study on the pulsation of buoyant diffusion flames and pool firesMalalasekera, W.; Versteeg, Henk K.; Gilchrist, K.
2012Simulation of engine combustion with ethanol as a renewable fuelMalalasekera, W.; Ranasinghe, Chathura P.
2012Simulation of premixed combustion and near wall flame quenching in spark ignition engines with an improved formulation of the Bray-Moss-Libby modelMalalasekera, W.; Ranasinghe, Chathura P.
2000Spatial discretization errors in the heat flux integral of the discrete transfer methodVersteeg, Henk K.; Henson, Jonathan C.; Malalasekera, W.
1996Stress analysis of hemispherical shells with single nonradially penetrated nozzlesAscough, J.; Malalasekera, W.; Rusu-Casandra, A.
1996Thermal boundary layer modelling in 'motored' spark ignition enginesJenkin, R.J.; James, E.H.; Malalasekera, W.
1993Thermal radiation in a room: numerical evaluationMalalasekera, W.; James, E.H.
2016Turbulent combustion simulation based on flamelet modelMalalasekera, W.; Matsushita, Y.; Yokoi, S.; Saito, Y.; Aoki, H.
2008Unsteady flamelet / progress variable approach for non-premixed turbulent lifted flamesSadasivuni, S.K.; Malalasekera, W.; Ibrahim, Salah S.
Showing results 68 to 87 of 90