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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Microgeometrical tooth profile modification influencing efficiency of planetary hub gearsFatourehchi, Ehsan; Mohammadpour, Mahdi; King, P.D.; Rahnejat, Homer; Trimmer, G.; Womersley, B.; Williams, A.
2014Multi-physics investigations on the dynamics of differential hypoid gearsMohammadpour, Mahdi; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rahnejat, Homer
2017A multi-physics, multi-scale investigation of the piston ring packBewsher, Stephen R. (Rickie); Mohammadpour, Mahdi; Offner, Gunter
2016A new designed incremental high pressure torsion process for producing long nanostructured rod samplesEskandarzade, Mehdi; Masoumi, Abolfazl; Faraji, Ghader; Mohammadpour, Mahdi; Yan, Xinjie Sabrina
2013Non-newtonian mixed elastohydrodynamics of differential hypoid gears at high loadsMohammadpour, Mahdi; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rahnejat, Homer; Saunders, T.
2017Non-newtonian mixed thermo-elastohydrodynamics of hypoid gear pairsMohammadpour, Mahdi; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rahnejat, Homer; Dowson, D.
2015On the boundary conditions in multi-phase flow through the piston ring-cylinder liner conjunctionShahmohamadi, Hamed; Mohammadpour, Mahdi; Rahmani, Ramin; Rahnejat, Homer; Garner, Colin P.; Howell-Smith, S.J.
2017On the effect of multiple parallel nonlinear absorbers in palliation of torsional response of automotive drivetrainHaris, Ahmed; Motato, Eliot; Mohammadpour, Mahdi; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rahnejat, Homer; O'Mahony, M.; Vakakis, A.F.; Bergman, L.A.; McFarland, D.M.
2017Optimisation of piston compression ring for improved energy efficiency of high performance race enginesMorris, Nicholas J.; Mohammadpour, Mahdi; Rahmani, Ramin; Rahnejat, Homer
2017Optimisation of the vehicle transmission and the gear-shifting strategy for the minimum fuel consumption and the minimum nitrogen oxide emissionsOglieve, Callum; Mohammadpour, Mahdi; Rahnejat, Homer
2016Optimisation of vehicle transmission and shifting strategy for minimum fuel consumption under EU and US legislated drive cyclesOglieve, Callum; Mohammadpour, Mahdi; Rahnejat, Homer
2017Processing and characterization of nanostructured Grade 2 Ti processed by combination of warm isothermal ECAP and extrusionEftekhari, Mahroo; Faraji, Ghader; Nikbakht, S.; Rashed, R.; Sharifzadeh, R.; Hildyard, R.; Mohammadpour, Mahdi
2017Results of measured data from atomic force microscope on ring pack performanceBewsher, Stephen R. (Rickie); Hildyard, R.; Mohammadpour, Mahdi; Leighton, Michael; Rahnejat, Homer; Knaus, O.; Offner, Gunter
2015Roller bearing dynamics under transient thermal-mixed non-Newtonian elastohydrodynamic regime of lubricationMohammadpour, Mahdi; Johns-Rahnejat, P.M.; Rahnejat, Homer
2014A series solution for three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations of flow near an infinite rotating diskShahmohamadi, Hamed; Mohammadpour, Mahdi
2017A study into the effects of cylinder de-activation on the tribological performance of piston ring-liner conjunctionBewsher, Stephen R. (Rickie); Mohammadpour, Mahdi; Rahmani, Ramin; Rahnejat, Homer; Offner, Gunter
2018A study on attenuating gear teeth oscillations at low engine speeds using nonlinear vibration absorbersFriskney, Brett; Motato, Eliot; Haris, Ahmed; Mohammadpour, Mahdi; Theodossiades, Stephanos
2018Surface characterization of a real-world cylinder liner subject to deposition from combustionBewsher, Stephen R. (Rickie); Leighton, Michael; Mohammadpour, Mahdi; Offner, Gunter; Knaus, O.
2017Targeted energy transfer and modal energy redistribution in automotive drivetrainsMotato, Eliot; Haris, Ahmed; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Mohammadpour, Mahdi; Rahnejat, Homer; Kelly, P.; Vakakis, A.F.; McFarland, D.M.; Bergman, L.A.
2018Thermal analysis of an oil jet-dry sump transmission gear under mixed-elastohydrodynamic conditionsFatourehchi, Ehsan; Shahmohamadi, Hamed; Mohammadpour, Mahdi; Rahmani, Ramin; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rahnejat, Homer
Showing results 47 to 66 of 76