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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Fingerprint and inkjet-trace imaging using disulfur dinitrideKelly, Paul F.; King, Roberto S.P.; Mortimer, Roger J.
2007Harnessing solar energy with Grätzel cellsMortimer, Roger J.; Worrall, David R.
1981Heterogeneous catalysis in solution. Part 20.1—Catalysis by silver bromide and other solids of the solvolysis of t-butyl bromide in 80 vol% ethanol + waterBarbosa, Ester F.G.; Mortimer, Roger J.; Spiro, Michael
1980Heterogeneous catalysis in solution. Part 21. The effect of various carbons on the solvolysis of 2-chloro-2-methyl-1-phenylpropane in 50% v/v ethanol–waterMortimer, Roger J.; Spiro, Michael
2009Influence of the film thickness and morphology on the colorimetric properties of spray-coated electrochromic disubstituted 3,4-propylenedioxythiophene polymersMortimer, Roger J.; Graham, Kenneth R.; Grenier, Christophe R.G.; Reynolds, John R.
2005In situ colorimetric and composite coloration efficiency measurements for electrochromic Prussian blueMortimer, Roger J.; Reynolds, John R.
2008An in situ colorimetric measurement study of electrochromism in the di-n-heptyl viologen systemMortimer, Roger J.; Reynolds, John R.
2012In situ spectroelectrochemistry and colour measurement of a complementary electrochromic device based on surface-confined Prussian blue and aqueous solution-phase methyl viologenMortimer, Roger J.; Varley, Thomas S.
2015An investigation into the effect of a post-electroplating electrochemical oxidation treatment on tin whisker formationAshworth, Mark A.; Haspel, D.; Wu, L.; Wilcox, G.D.; Mortimer, Roger J.
1984Iron hexacyanoferrate films : spectroelectrochemical distinction and electrodeposition sequence of 'soluble' (K+-containing) and 'insoluble' (K+-free) Prussian Blue, and composition changes in polyelectrochromic switchingMortimer, Roger J.; Rosseinsky, David R.
1982Kinetics of alkene formation in the homogeneous and in the heterogeneously catalysed methanolyses of 2-bromo-2-methyl propane (t-butyl bromide)Mortimer, Roger J.; Spiro, Michael
2007Layer-by-layer deposition of open-pore mesoporous TiO2 - Nafion® film electrodesMilsom, Elizabeth V.; Novak, Jan; Green, Stephen J.; Zhang, Xiaohang; Stott, Susan J.; Mortimer, Roger J.; Edler, Karen J.; Marken, Frank
2013Materiales electrocromicosMortimer, Roger J.
2005Mesoporous TiO2 carboxymethyl-gamma-cyclodextrate multi-layer host films: effects on adsorption and electrochemistry of 1,1 '-ferrocenedimethanolStott, Susan J.; Mortimer, Roger J.; McKenzie, Katy J.; Marken, Frank
2007Metal and mixed-metal (oxy)-hydroxide ceramic precursor materials prepared by cathodically-induced precipitation using a hydrogen-sorbing palladium electrodeMortimer, Roger J.; Mayes, Russell J.; Dann, Sandra E.
1993New alkynyl- and vinyl-linked benzo- and aza-crown etherbipyridyl ruthenium(II) complexes which spectrochemically recognize Group IA and IIA metal cationsBeer, Paul D.; Kocian, Oldrich; Mortimer, Roger J.; Ridgway, Christopher
1992New polyaza tris-ferrocene and tris-2,2′-bipyridyl macrobicyclic cryptand molecules. Isolation of homo- and hetero-polymetallic zinc(II) and copper(I) cryptates containing externally coordinated ruthenium(III) cationsBeer, Paul D.; Kocian, Oldrich; Mortimer, Roger J.; Spencer, Paul
2011Novel color-reinforcing electrochromic device based on surface-confined ruthenium purple and solution-phase methyl viologenMortimer, Roger J.; Varley, Thomas S.
1990Novel mono- and di-ferrocenyl bipyridyl ligands: syntheses, electrochemistry, and electropolymerisation studies of their ruthenium(II) complexesBeer, Paul D.; Kocian, Oldrich; Mortimer, Roger J.
2000Photosensitized generation of singlet oxygen from ruthenium(II)-substituted benzoaza-crown-bipyridine complexesAbdel-Shafi, Ayman A.; Beer, Paul D.; Mortimer, Roger J.; Wilkinson, Francis
Showing results 25 to 44 of 61