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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Quantification of colour stimuli through the calculation of CIE chromaticity coordinates and luminance data for application to in situ colorimetry studies of electrochromic materialsMortimer, Roger J.; Varley, Thomas S.
2007Rapid polymerisation of S2N2 within Na-ZSM-5 channelsKing, Roberto S.P.; Kelly, Paul F.; Dann, Sandra E.; Mortimer, Roger J.
1996Selective fluorimetric recognition of dihydrogen phosphate over chloride anions by a novel ruthenium(II) bipyridyl receptor complexBeer, Paul D.; Mortimer, Roger J.; Szemes, Fridrich; Weightman, John S.
2012Simplest Prussian-blue deposition from ferric ferricyanide solution by a reducing Ag spot put onto an ITO substrateBarton, Ray T.; Kellawi, Hassan; Marken, Frank; Mortimer, Roger J.; Rosseinsky, David R.
2007Spectroelectrochemical responses of thin-film conducting copolymers prepared electrochemically from mixtures of 3,4- ethylenedioxythiophene and 2,2’-bithiopheneSmith, Emma L.; Glidle, Andrew; Mortimer, Roger J.; Ryder, Karl S.
1995Spectroelectrochemistry of electrochromic poly(o–toluidine) and poly(m-toluidine) filmsMortimer, Roger J.
1992Surface modification with macrocycle-containing redox-active polymers: towards the design of novel spectroelectrochemical group IA/IIA metal cation sensorsBeer, Paul D.; Kocian, Oldrich; Mortimer, Roger J.; Ridgway, Christopher
2013Switching colors with electricityMortimer, Roger J.
1991Syntheses, coordination, spectroscopy and electropolymerisation studies of new alkynyl and vinyl linked benzo- and aza-crown ether–bipyridyl ruthenium(II) complexes. Spectrochemical recognition of group IA/IIA metal cationsBeer, Paul D.; Kocian, Oldrich; Mortimer, Roger J.; Ridgway, Christopher
1991Synthesis and electrochemical properties of the naturally occurring free radical scavenger carazostatinJackson, P. Mark; Moody, Christopher J.; Mortimer, Roger J.
2011Synthesis, characterisation and in situ colorimetry of electrochromic Ruthenium purple thin filmsMortimer, Roger J.; Varley, Thomas S.
2010Synthesis, electrochromism and display-device application of electroactive ruthenium purple films prepared by 'Directed Assembly' and electrochemical precipitation techniquesMortimer, Roger J.; Varley, Thomas S.
2009The synthesis, full characterisation and utilisation of template-free silica sodalite, a novel polymorph of silicaKing, Roberto S.P.; Dann, Sandra E.; Elsegood, Mark R.J.; Kelly, Paul F.; Mortimer, Roger J.
1990Synthesis of unsymmetrical 4,4′-disubstituted 2,2′-bipyridines containing benzo crown ether and ferrocene moietiesKocian, Oldrich; Mortimer, Roger J.; Beer, Paul D.
2015Tin whisker mitigation by means of a post-electroplating electrochemical oxidation treatmentHaspel, D.; Ashworth, Mark A.; Wu, L.; Wilcox, G.D.; Mortimer, Roger J.
2008Underpotential surface reduction of mesoporous CeO2 nanoparticle filmsCummings, Charles Y.; Stott, Susan J.; Bonne, Michael J.; Edler, Karen J.; King, Pauline M.; Mortimer, Roger J.; Marken, Frank
2009Why don't zombies like hibiscus tea? A multi-subject approach to photosynthesis through the use of Gratzel cellsTwidle, John; Ireson, Gren; Mortimer, Roger J.; Worrall, David R.
Showing results 45 to 61 of 61