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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Preventing crystal agglomeration of pharmaceutical crystals using temperature cycling and a novel membrane crystallization procedure for seed crystals generationSimone, Elena; Othman, Rahimah; Vladisavljevic, Goran T.; Nagy, Zoltan K.
2009A process analytical technology based investigation of the polymorphic transformations during the anti-solvent crystallization of sodium benzoate from IPA/water mixtureHoward, Krystel S.; Nagy, Zoltan K.; Saha, Basu; Robertson, Anne L.; Steele, G.; Martin, D.
2015Production of polymeric nanoparticles by micromixing in a co-flow microfluidic glass capillary deviceOthman, Rahimah; Vladisavljevic, Goran T.; Bandulasena, Hemaka C.H.; Nagy, Zoltan K.
2017Real time image processing based on-line feedback control system for cooling batch crystallizationBorsos, Akos; Szilagyi, Botond; Agachi, Serban P.; Nagy, Zoltan K.
2018The role of residence time distribution in the continuous steady-state mixed suspension mixed product removal crystallization of glycineOnyemelukwe, Ikechukwu I.; Parsons, Anna R.; Wheatcroft, Helen P.; Robertson, Amy; Nagy, Zoltan K.; Rielly, Chris D.
2009Seeded batch cooling crystallization with temperature cycling for the control of size uniformity and polymorphic purity of sulfathiazole crystalsAbu Bakar, Mohd R.; Nagy, Zoltan K.; Rielly, Chris D.
2010Simulation and experimental evaluation of seed and supersaturation control design approaches for crystallisation processesAamir, Erum; Nagy, Zoltan K.; Rielly, Chris D.
2015Simultaneous design and control framework for multi-segment multi-addition plug-flow crystallizer for anti-solvent crystallizationsSu, Qinglin; Rielly, Chris D.; Nagy, Zoltan K.
2009Simultaneous quadrature method of moments for the solution of population balance equations, using a differential algebraic equation frameworkGimbun, Jolius; Nagy, Zoltan K.; Rielly, Chris D.
2016A study on the effect of the polymeric additive HPMC on morphology and polymorphism of ortho-aminobenzoic acid crystalsSimone, Elena; Cenzato, Maria V.; Nagy, Zoltan K.
2008Systematic design of supersaturation controlled crystallisation processesAamir, Erum; Nagy, Zoltan K.; Rielly, Chris D.
2008Systematic design of supersaturation controlled crystallization processes for shaping the crystal size distributionAamir, Erum; Nagy, Zoltan K.; Rielly, Chris D.
2017Systematic model identification and optimization-based active polymorphic control of crystallization processesSimone, Elena; Szilagyi, Botond; Nagy, Zoltan K.
2016Three-way coupling simulation of a gas-liquid stirred tank using a multi-compartment population balance modelGimbun, Jolius; Liew, Shi Yan; Nagy, Zoltan K.; Rielly, Chris D.
2015Toward continuous crystallization of Urea-Barbituric acid: a polymorphic co-crystal systemPowell, Keddon A.; Bartolini, Giulia; Wittering, Kate E.; Saleemi, Ali N.; Wilson, Chick C.; Rielly, Chris D.; Nagy, Zoltan K.
2008Towards constructivist laboratory education: Case study for process control laboratoryAbdulwahed, Mahmoud; Nagy, Zoltan K.
2008Towards the development of a polymorphic control approach in sulfathiazole crystalizationAbu Bakar, Mohd R.; Nagy, Zoltan K.; Rielly, Chris D.
2008TriLab – a combined remote, virtual and hands-on laboratory as a novel reusable learning object (RLO) for supporting engineering laboratory educationAbdulwahed, Mahmoud; Nagy, Zoltan K.
2016Tuning crystal morphology of succinic acid using a polymer additiveKlapwijk, Anneke R.; Simone, Elena; Nagy, Zoltan K.; Wilson, Chick C.
2008Using feedback control engineering for analyzing and designing an effective lecturing modelAbdulwahed, Mahmoud; Nagy, Zoltan K.; Blanchard, Richard E.
Showing results 68 to 87 of 87