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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Nano-scale investigation of frictional characteristics of tribo-films in sliding contacts of representative in-cylinder conditionsUmer, J.; Morris, Nicholas J.; Leighton, Michael; Rahmani, Ramin; Rahnejat, Homer; Howell-Smith, S.J.; Balakrishnan, Sashi
2008Newtonian mechanics in scale of minutiaTeodorescu, M.; Rahnejat, Homer
1988A non‐contact opto‐electronic sensing device for precision linear and angular positioning of robotic manipulatorsShams, I.; Rahnejat, Homer; Greening, D.
2015Nonlinear dynamics of an automotive differential hypoid gear pairPaouris, Leonidas I.; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rahnejat, Homer; Kidson, Adam; Hunt, Gregory; Barton, William
2016Nonlinear energy harvesting from base excitation in automotive applicationsSt-John, J.; Alevras, Panagiotis; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rahnejat, Homer; Kelly, P.
2008Non-linear vibro-impact phenomenon belying transmission idle rattleTangasawi, Osman A.M.; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rahnejat, Homer; Kelly, P.
2013Non-newtonian mixed elastohydrodynamics of differential hypoid gears at high loadsMohammadpour, Mahdi; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rahnejat, Homer; Saunders, T.
2017Non-newtonian mixed thermo-elastohydrodynamics of hypoid gear pairsMohammadpour, Mahdi; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rahnejat, Homer; Dowson, D.
2013A numerical and experimental approach in understanding the performance of textured surfaces in sliding contactsMorris, Nicholas J.; De la Cruz, Miguel; Rahmani, Ramin; Leighton, Michael; Rahnejat, Homer; King, P.D.
2015A numerical model to study the role of surface textures at top dead center reversal in the piston ring to cylinder liner contactMorris, Nicholas J.; Rahmani, Ramin; Rahnejat, Homer; King, P.D.; Howell-Smith, S.J.
2019Oil film separation and drag torque in disengaged wet brakesMorris, Nicholas J.; Davies, James A.; Leighton, Michael; King, P.D.; Rahnejat, Homer
2015On the boundary conditions in multi-phase flow through the piston ring-cylinder liner conjunctionShahmohamadi, Hamed; Mohammadpour, Mahdi; Rahmani, Ramin; Rahnejat, Homer; Garner, Colin P.; Howell-Smith, S.J.
2018On the dynamics of a nonlinear energy harvester with multiple resonant zonesAlevras, Panagiotis; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rahnejat, Homer
2012On the dynamics of lubricated hypoid gearsKaragiannis, Ioannis; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rahnejat, Homer
2017On the effect of multiple parallel nonlinear absorbers in palliation of torsional response of automotive drivetrainHaris, Ahmed; Motato, Eliot; Mohammadpour, Mahdi; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rahnejat, Homer; O'Mahony, M.; Vakakis, A.F.; Bergman, L.A.; McFarland, D.M.
2014On the effect of transient in-plane dynamics of the compression ring upon its tribological performanceBaker, Christopher E.; Rahmani, Ramin; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rahnejat, Homer; Fitzsimons, Brian
2017On the transient three dimensional tribodynamics of internal combustion engine top compression ringBaker, Christopher E.; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rahmani, Ramin; Rahnejat, Homer; Fitzsimons, Brian
2008Optimisation of AWD off-road vehicle performance using visco-lock devicesSharaf, Al-Hossein M.; Mavros, George; Rahnejat, Homer; King, P.D.; Mohan, S.K.
2017Optimisation of piston compression ring for improved energy efficiency of high performance race enginesMorris, Nicholas J.; Mohammadpour, Mahdi; Rahmani, Ramin; Rahnejat, Homer
2017Optimisation of the vehicle transmission and the gear-shifting strategy for the minimum fuel consumption and the minimum nitrogen oxide emissionsOglieve, Callum; Mohammadpour, Mahdi; Rahnejat, Homer
Showing results 152 to 171 of 247