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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Relativity: 300 years from a principle to realityRahnejat, Homer
2009A review of some tribo-dynamics phenomena from micro to nano-scale conjunctionsRahnejat, Homer; Johns-Rahnejat, P.M.; Teodorescu, M.; Votsios, Vasilis; Kushwaha, M.
2015Roller bearing dynamics under transient thermal-mixed non-Newtonian elastohydrodynamic regime of lubricationMohammadpour, Mahdi; Johns-Rahnejat, P.M.; Rahnejat, Homer
2005Root cause identification and physics of impact-induced driveline noise in vehicular powertrain systemsTheodossiades, Stephanos; Gnanakumarr, M.; Rahnejat, Homer
1986Simulating for ‘resource optimization’ in robot‐assisted automatic assemblyRahnejat, Homer
2005Special relativity: interpretation and implications for space-time geometryRahnejat, Homer
2010Surface phenomena in thin-film tribologyProkopovich, Polina; Rahnejat, Homer; Teodorescu, M.
2016Surface specific asperity model for prediction of friction in boundary and mixed regimes of lubricationLeighton, Michael; Morris, Nicholas J.; Rahmani, Ramin; Rahnejat, Homer
2016Surface-specific flow factors for prediction of friction of crosshatched surfacesLeighton, Michael; Rahmani, Ramin; Rahnejat, Homer
1987Tactile sensors for robot handlingForoughi, F.; Rahnejat, Homer; Bera, H.
2011Thermoelastohydrodynamics of a rough piston compression ring-to-cylinder bore conjunctionBaker, Christopher E.; Rahmani, Ramin; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rahnejat, Homer; Fitzsimons, Brian
2010Thermoelastohydrodynamics of grease-lubricated concentrated point contactsKarthikeyan, B.K.; Teodorescu, M.; Rahnejat, Homer; Rothberg, Steve
2013Thermo-mixed hydrodynamics of piston compression ring conjunctionShahmohamadi, Hamed; Rahmani, Ramin; Rahnejat, Homer; Garner, Colin P.; King, P.D.
2013Thin film tribology of pharmaceutical elastomeric sealsGrimble, David W.; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rahnejat, Homer; Wilby, M.
2001Transient analysis of isothermal elastohydrodynamic circular point contactsJalali-Vahid, D.; Rahnejat, Homer; Jin, Z.M.; Dowson, D.
2005Transient analysis of tyre friction generation using a brush model with interconnected viscoelastic bristlesMavros, George; Rahnejat, Homer; King, P.D.
2002Transient elastohydrodynamic lubrication of piston skirt to cylinder liner under combined reciprocating and slapping motionsBalakrishnan, Sashi; Rahnejat, Homer
2012Transient elastohydrodynamic lubrication of rough new or worn piston compression ring conjunction with an out-of-round cylinder boreRahmani, Ramin; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rahnejat, Homer; Fitzsimons, Brian
2001Transient high-frequency elasto-acoustic response of a vehicular drivetrain to sudden throttle demandVafaei, S.; Menday, M.T.; Rahnejat, Homer
2014Transient mixed non-Newtonian thermo-elastohydrodynamics of vehicle differential hypoid gears with starved partial counter-flow inlet boundaryMohammadpour, Mahdi; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rahnejat, Homer
Showing results 112 to 131 of 148