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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Assessing data breach risk in cloud systemsRahulamathavan, Yogachandran; Rajarajan, Muttukrishnan; Rana, Omer F.; Awan, Malik S.; Burnap, Peter; Das, Sajal K.
2015Base station beamforming technique using multiple signal-to-interference plus noise ratio balancing criteriaBournaka, Georgia; Rahulamathavan, Yogachandran; Cumanan, Kanapathippillai; Lambotharan, Sangarapillai; Lazarakis, Fotis
2018CARE: Criticality-aware data transmission in CPS-Based Healthcare SystemsRoy, Arijit; Roy, Chandana; Misra, Sudip; Rahulamathavan, Yogachandran; Rajarajan, Muttukrishnan
2016Effective recognition of facial micro-expressions with video motion magnificationWang, Yandan; See, John; Oh, Yee-Hui; Phan, Raphael C.-W.; Rahulamathavan, Yogachandran; Ling, Huo-Chong; Tan, Su-Wei; Li, Xujie
2015Efficient privacy-preserving facial expression classificationRahulamathavan, Yogachandran; Rajarajan, Muttukrishnan
2015Hide-and-seek: face recognition in privateRahulamathavan, Yogachandran; Rajarajan, Muttukrishnan
2011Mathematical optimization techniques for resource allocation in cognitive radio networksRahulamathavan, Yogachandran
2013MMSE-based beamforming techniques for relay broadcast channelsCumanan, Kanapathippillai; Rahulamathavan, Yogachandran; Lambotharan, Sangarapillai; Ding, Zhiguo D.
2018A new lightweight symmetric searchable encryption scheme for string identificationGhosh Ray, Indranil; Rahulamathavan, Yogachandran; Rajarajan, Muttukrishnan
2017A new secure and lightweight searchable encryption scheme over encrypted cloud dataTahir, Shahzaib; Ruj, Sushmita; Rahulamathavan, Yogachandran; Rajarajan, Muttukrishnan; Glackin, Cornelius
2017PIndroid: A novel Android malware detection system using ensemble learningIdrees, Fauzia; Rajarajan, Muttukrishnan; Conti, Mauro; Rahulamathavan, Yogachandran; Chen, Tom
2018Privacy-preserving blockchain based IoT ecosystem using attribute-based encryptionRahulamathavan, Yogachandran; Phan, Raphael C.-W.; Rajarajan, Muttukrishnan; Misra, Sudip; Kondoz, Ahmet
2013Privacy-preserving clinical decision support system using gaussian kernel-based classificationRahulamathavan, Yogachandran; Veluru, Suresh; Phan, Raphael C.-W.; Chambers, Jonathon; Rajarajan, Muttukrishnan
2018Privacy-preserving iVector based speaker verificationRahulamathavan, Yogachandran; Sutharsini Kunaraj, R.; Indranil Ghosh, Ray; Lu, Rongxing; Rajarajan, Muttukrishnan
2013Privacy-preserving multi-class support vector machine for outsourcing the data classification in cloudRahulamathavan, Yogachandran; Phan, Raphael C.-W.; Veluru, Suresh; Cumanan, Kanapathippillai; Rajarajan, Muttukrishnan
2015Robust access control framework for mobile cloud computing networkLi, Fei; Rahulamathavan, Yogachandran; Conti, Mauro; Rajarajan, Muttukrishnan
2016Robust MMSE beamforming for multiantenna relay networksCumanan, Kanapathippillai; Ding, Zhiguo D.; Rahulamathavan, Yogachandran; Molu, Mehdi M.; Chen, Hsiao-Hwa
2018SmartARM: A smartphone-based group activity recognition and monitoring scheme for military applicationsMukherjee, A.; Misra, Sudip; Mangrulkar, P.; Rajarajan, Muttukrishnan; Rahulamathavan, Yogachandran
2016Smart, secure and seamless access control scheme for mobile devicesRahulamathavan, Yogachandran; Rajarajan, Muttukrishnan; Phan, Raphael C.-W.
2015User collusion avoidance scheme for privacy-preserving decentralized key-policy attribute-based encryptionRahulamathavan, Yogachandran; Veluru, Suresh; Han, Jinguang; Li, Fei; Rajarajan, Muttukrishnan; Lu, Rongxing
Showing results 1 to 20 of 20