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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Radial vibration measurements directly from rotors using laser vibrometry: The effects of surface roughness, instrument misalignments and pseudo-vibrationRothberg, Steve; Halkon, Ben J.; Tirabassi, Mario; Pusey, C.
2007Radial vibration measurements directly from rotors using Laser Vibrometry: uncertainty due to surface roughnessRothberg, Steve
1998Remote vibration measurements: compensation of waveform distortion due to whole body translationsHocknell, Alan; Jones, Roy; Rothberg, Steve
2017Restoring high accuracy to laser Doppler vibrometry measurements affected by vibration of beam steering opticsHalkon, Ben J.; Rothberg, Steve
2000The role of the racket in high-speed tennis servesKotze, Johan; Mitchell, Sean R.; Rothberg, Steve
2000Rotational vibration measurements using laser doppler vibrometry: comprehensive theory and practical applicationBell, John R.; Rothberg, Steve
2006Rotor vibration measurements using laser Doppler vibrometry: essential post-processing for resolution of radial and pitch/yaw vibrationsHalkon, Ben J.; Rothberg, Steve
2009Scanning LDV using wedge prismsTirabassi, Mario; Rothberg, Steve
1998Spatially integrated speckle intensity: maximum resistance to decorrelation caused by in-plane target displacementTullis, Iain D.C.; Halliwell, Neil A.; Rothberg, Steve
2004Synchronized-scanning laser vibrometryHalkon, Ben J.; Rothberg, Steve
2017Taking laser Doppler vibrometry off the tripod: correction of measurements affected by instrument vibrationHalkon, Ben J.; Rothberg, Steve
2010Thermoelastohydrodynamics of grease-lubricated concentrated point contactsKarthikeyan, B.K.; Teodorescu, M.; Rahnejat, Homer; Rothberg, Steve
1999Torsional and bending vibration measurement on rotors using laser technologyMiles, Toby J.; Lucas, Margaret; Halliwell, Neil A.; Rothberg, Steve
2015A transient tribodynamic approach for the calculation of internal combustion engine piston slap noiseDolatabadi, Nader; Littlefair, Bryn; De la Cruz, Miguel; Theodossiades, Stephanos; Rothberg, Steve; Rahnejat, Homer
2003Translational vibration measurements using laser vibrometry: a theoretical approach for confident data interpretation in advanced applicationsHalkon, Ben J.; Rothberg, Steve
2014Understanding the dynamic behaviour of a tennis racket under play conditionsBanwell, Guy; Roberts, Jonathan R.; Halkon, Ben J.; Rothberg, Steve; Mohr, Stephan
2012A universal framework for modelling measured velocity in laser vibrometry with applicationsRothberg, Steve; Tirabassi, Mario
2017Utilizing a realist evaluative research approach to investigate complex technology implementations: an e-learning lecture capture exemplarKing, Melanie R.N.; Dawson, Ray; Rothberg, Steve; Batmaz, Firat
1994Vibration measurements on rotating machinery using laser doppler velocimetryRothberg, Steve; Halliwell, Neil A.
2003Vibration measurements using continuous scanning laser Doppler vibrometry : theoretical velocity sensitivity analysis with applicationsHalkon, Ben J.; Rothberg, Steve
Showing results 55 to 74 of 77