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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Magnetic correlations in paramagnetic ironSamson, J.H.
1991Magnetic short-range order in iron above Tc? Statistical mechanics with many-atom interactionsChana, K.S.; Samson, J.H.; Luchini, M.U.; Heine, V.
1997Phase separation in Hubbard modelSamson, J.H.
2003Phase-space path-integral calculation of the Wigner functionSamson, J.H.
2012Pseudogap in high-temperature superconductors from realistic Frohlich and Coulomb interactionsSica, G.; Samson, J.H.; Alexandrov, A.S.
1993Quantum Monte Carlo computation: The sign problem as a Berry phaseSamson, J.H.
2015Recursive simulation of quantum annealingSowa, A.P.; Everitt, Mark J.; Samson, J.H.; Savel'ev, Sergey; Zagoskin, Alexandre M.; Heidel, S.; Zuniga-Anaya, J.C.
2012Relationship between minimum gap and success probability in adiabatic quantum computingCullimore, M.; Everitt, Mark J.; Ormerod, M.A.; Samson, J.H.; Wilson, Richard D.; Zagoskin, Alexandre M.
2017Simple procedure for phase-space measurement and entanglement validationRundle, Russell P.; Mills, P.W.; Tilma, Todd; Samson, J.H.; Everitt, Mark J.
2008Singlet and triplet bipolarons on the triangular latticeHague, J.P.; Kornilovitch, P.E.; Samson, J.H.; Alexandrov, A.S.
2016Some implications of superconducting quantum interference to the application of master equations in engineering quantum technologiesDuffus, Stephen N.A.; Bjergstrom, Keiran N.; Dwyer, Vincent M.; Samson, J.H.; Spiller, T.P.; Zagoskin, Alexandre M.; Munro, W.J.; Nemoto, Kae; Everitt, Mark J.
1995Spin density wave selection in the one-dimensional Hubbard modelSamson, J.H.
2011Strictly localised triplet dimers on one- and two-dimensional latticesJackson, Steven; Samson, J.H.
2009Superconductivity in a Hubbard-Frohlich model and in cupratesHardy, T.M.; Hague, J.P.; Samson, J.H.; Alexandrov, A.S.
2007Superlight small bipolaronsHague, J.P.; Kornilovitch, P.E.; Samson, J.H.; Alexandrov, A.S.
2012Superlight small bipolarons from realistic long-range Coulomb and Frohlich interactionsAlexandrov, A.S.; Samson, J.H.; Sica, G.
2007Superlight small bipolarons in the presence of strong Coulomb repulsionHague, J.P.; Kornilovitch, P.E.; Samson, J.H.; Alexandrov, A.S.
1998Symmetry reduction of Fourier kernelsSamson, J.H.; Evans, G.A.
2006Thermodynamics of entropy-driven phase transformationsRadosz, A.; Ostasiewicz, K.; Magnuszewski, P.; Damczyk, J.; RadosiƄski, L.; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Samson, J.H.
2000Time discretization of functional integralsSamson, J.H.
Showing results 10 to 29 of 31