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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Effect of cutting conditions on temperature generated in drilling process: a FEA approachMuhammad, Riaz; Ahmed, Naseer; Shariff, Y.M.; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.
2016Effect of graphene-oxide enhancement on large-deflection bending performance of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomerJing, Qifei; Liu, Qiang; Li, Lin; Dong, ZhiLi; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.
2016Effect of machining on shear-zone microstructure in Ti-15V-3Cr-3Al-3Sn: conventional and ultrasonically assisted turningShi, Qi (Alex); Tse, Yau Yau; Muhammad, Riaz; Roy, Anish; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.; Higginson, Rebecca L.
2015Effect of micromorphology of cortical bone tissue on crack propagation under dynamic loadingWang, Mayao; Gao, Xing; Abdel-Wahab, Adel A.; Li, Simin; Zimmermann, Elizabeth A.; Riedel, Christoph; Busse, Bjorn; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.
2016Effect of microstructure on anomalous strain-rate-dependent behaviour of bacterial cellulose hydrogelGao, Xing; Shi, Zhijun; Lau, Andrew Ka-Chun; Liu, Changqing; Yang, Guang; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.
2016Effect of morphological state of graphene on mechanical properties of nanocompositesBayrak, Osman; Ionita, Mariana; Demirci, Emrah; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.
2008Effect of thermal aging on interfacial behaviour of copper ball bondsXu, Hui; Liu, Changqing; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.
2016Effect of through-thickness compression on in-plane tensile strength of glass/epoxy composites: experimental studyCai, Deng'an; Zhou, Guangming; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.
2014Effect of ultrasonically-assisted drilling on carbon-fibre-reinforced plasticsMakhdum, Farrukh; Phadnis, Vaibhav A.; Roy, Anish; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.
2008Effects of process parameters on bondability in thermosonic copper ball bondingXu, Hui; Liu, Changqing; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.; Wang, Honghui
2016Effects of surface-functionalized aluminum nitride on thermal, electrical, and mechanical behaviors of polyarylene ether nitrile-based compositesChen, Yuanming; He, Xuemei; Wu, Yue; Gao, Xing; Wang, Jinling; He, Wei; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.; Xu, Huan
2017Effects of the manufacturing process on the reliability of the multilayer structure in MetalMUMPs actuators: Residual stresses and variation of design parametersGuo, Jianbin; Wang, Jinling; Zeng, Shengkui; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.; Shen, Yongguang
2017Enhanced gradient crystal-plasticity study of size effects in a β-titanium alloyDemiral, Murat; Nowag, Kai; Roy, Anish; Ghisleni, Rudy; Michler, Johann; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.
2019Enhanced machinability of SiC-reinforced metal-matrix composite with hybrid turningBai, Wei; Roy, Anish; Sun, Ronglei; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.
2013Enhanced ultrasonically assisted turning of a β-titanium alloyMaurotto, Agostino; Muhammad, Riaz; Roy, Anish; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.
2017Evaluation of the chemical and biomechanical viscoelastic properties of decellularised tracheal scaffolds [46]Al Belushi, H.K.; Zani, Lorenzo; Liu, Yang; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.; Lowdell, M.; Li, Simin
2014Evolution and interaction of damage modes in fabric-reinforced composites under dynamic flexural loadingUllah, Himayat; Harland, Andy R.; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.
2017Experimental and computational studies of poly-L-lactic acid for cardiovascular applications: recent progressNaseem, Raasti; Zhao, Liguo; Liu, Yang; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.
2018Experimental and morphological investigations of fracture behavior of PBT/TPEEAbdo, Dani; Gleadall, Andrew; Sprengel, Dirk; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.
2010Experimental investigations of forces and torque in conventional and ultrasonically-assisted drilling of cortical boneAlam, Khurshid; Mitrofanov, A.V.; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.
Showing results 61 to 80 of 229