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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Markov-chain model of classified atomistic transition states for discrete kinetic Monte Carlo simulationsNumazawa, Satoshi; Smith, Roger
1987The mathematical modelling of focussed ion beam systemsAmos, Robert J.; Evans, G.A.; Smith, Roger
2017Measurement of thin film interfacial surface roughness by coherence scanning interferometryYoshino, Hirokazu; Abbas, Ali; Kaminski, Piotr M.; Smith, Roger; Walls, Michael; Mansfield, D.
2018Mesoscopic structure features in synthetic graphiteMarz, Benjamin; Jolley, Kenny; Marrow, Thomas James; Zhou, Zhaoxia; Heggie, Malcolm; Smith, Roger; Wu, Houzheng
2012Modeling evaporation, ion-beam assist, and magnetron sputtering of thin metal films over realistic time scalesBlackwell, Sabrina; Smith, Roger; Kenny, Steven D.; Walls, Michael
2012Modeling evaporation, ion-beam assist, and magnetron sputtering of TiO 2 thin films over realistic timescalesBlackwell, Sabrina; Smith, Roger; Kenny, Steven D.; Vernon, Louis J.; Walls, Michael
2004Modeling of stick-slip phenomena using molecular dynamicsMulliah, Devianee; Kenny, Steven D.; Smith, Roger
2006Modeling the pinning of Au and Ni clusters on graphiteSmith, Roger; Nock, C.; Kenny, Steven D.; BelBruno, J.J.; Di Vece, M.; Palomba, S.; Palmer, R.E.
2011Modeling the sputter deposition of thin film photovoltaics using long time scale dynamics techniquesBlackwell, Sabrina; Smith, Roger; Kenny, Steven D.; Walls, Michael
2009Modelling of deposition processes on the TiO2 rutile (110) surfaceVernon, Louis J.; Smith, Roger; Kenny, Steven D.
2017Modelling the evaporation of nanoparticle suspensions from heterogeneous surfacesChalmers, Christopher; Smith, Roger; Archer, Andrew J.
2013Modelling the growth of ZnO thin films by PVD methods and the effects of post-annealingBlackwell, Sabrina; Smith, Roger; Kenny, Steven D.; Walls, Michael; Sanz-Navarro, Carlos F.
2013Modelling the sputtering of Au surfaces using a multi time-scale techniqueScott, Chris; Smith, Roger
2006Molecular dynamics modelling of radiation damage in normal, partly inverse and inverse spinelsBacorisen, D.; Smith, Roger; Ball, J.A.; Grimes, R.W.; Uberuaga, B.P.; Sickafus, K.E.; Rankin, W.T.
2005Molecular dynamics simulations of nanoindentation and nanotribologyKenny, Steven D.; Mulliah, Devianee; Sanz-Navarro, Carlos F.; Smith, Roger
2017NdFeO3 nanocrystals under glycine nitrate combustion formationTugova, Ekaterina; Yastrebov, Sergey; Karpov, Oleg; Smith, Roger
2007A new approach to potential fitting using neural networksBholoa, A.; Kenny, Steven D.; Smith, Roger
2016A new potential for radiation studies of borosilicate glassAlharbia, Amal F.; Jolley, Kenny; Smith, Roger; Archer, Andrew J.; Christie, Jamieson K.
2015Opposite correlations between cation disordering and amorphization resistance in spinels versus pyrochloresUberuaga, B.P.; Tang, Ming; Jiang, C.; Valdez, James A.; Smith, Roger; Wang, Yongqiang; Sickafus, K.E.
2011Ordered Ag nanocluster structures by vapor deposition on pre-patterned SiO2Numazawa, Satoshi; Ranjan, Mukesh; Heinig, Karl-Heinz; Facsko, Stefan; Smith, Roger
Showing results 33 to 52 of 75