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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Analysis of in-cylinder engine flows and their constituents by proper orthogonal decompositionButcher, Daniel S.A.; Spencer, Adrian
2018Characterisation of football trajectories for assessing flight performanceWard, Matthew; Passmore, Martin A.; Spencer, Adrian; Tuplin, Simon; Harland, Andy R.
2018Characterisation of the diffusion properties of metal foam hybrid flow-fields for fuel cells using optical flow visualisation and x-ray computed tomographyFly, Ashley; Butcher, Daniel S.A.; Meyer, Q.; Whiteley, Michael; Spencer, Adrian; Kim, Chang Soo; Shearing, Paul; Brett, Daniel J.L.; Chen, Rui
2009Comparison of unsteady Reynolds averaged Navier–Stokes and large eddy simulation computational fluid dynamics methodologies for air swirl fuel injectorsDunham, David; Spencer, Adrian; McGuirk, James J.; Dianat, Mehriar
2005Correcting for sub-grid filtering effects in particle image velocimetry dataSpencer, Adrian; Hollis, David
2001Coupled and uncoupled CFD prediction of the characteristics of jets from combustor air admission portsMcGuirk, James J.; Spencer, Adrian
2019Cross-correlation of POD spatial modes for the separation of stochastic turbulence and coherent structuresButcher, Daniel S.A.; Spencer, Adrian
2018Discharge coefficients of ports with stepped inletsSpencer, Adrian
2016Droplet size development in a DISI injector fuel sprayJiang, C.; Parker, Matthew C.; Spencer, Adrian; Wigley, Graham; Garner, Colin P.; Helie, J.
2018The effect of manufacturing tolerances on the performance of gas turbine air system metering holes with chamfered inletsChernukha, Polina; Spencer, Adrian; Colwill, James
2016Experimental investigation of the effect of high pressure nozzle geometry on spray characteristicsJiang, C.; Helie, J.; Parker, Matthew C.; Piccini-Leopardi, G.; Spencer, Adrian; Garner, Colin P.; Wigley, Graham
2008Experimental studies of the aerodynamics of spinning and stationary footballsPassmore, Martin A.; Tuplin, Simon; Spencer, Adrian; Jones, Roy
2013Experimental study of the unsteady aerodynamics the compressor-combustor interface of a lean burn combustion systemWalker, Alastair Duncan; Carrotte, Jonathan F.; Peacock, Graham; Spencer, Adrian; McGuirk, James J.
2014Fuel gallery residence time & heat transfer experimental technique development for gas turbine fuel injectorsHamadache, Z.; Spencer, Adrian
2018Impact of flow unsteadiness on steady-state gas-path stagnation temperature measurementsBonham, Clare; Brend, Mark; Spencer, Adrian; Tanimizu, Katsuyoshi; Wise, Dylan
2018Impact of gasoline direct injection fuel injector hole geometry on spray characteristics under flash boiling and ambient conditionsJiang, C.; Parker, Matthew C.; Helie, J.; Spencer, Adrian; Garner, Colin P.; Wigley, Graham
2017Influence of asymmetric valve strategy on large-scale and turbulent in-cylinder flowsButcher, Daniel S.A.; Spencer, Adrian; Chen, Rui
2010Interaction between the acoustic pressure fluctuations and the unsteady flow field through circular holesRupp, Jochen; Carrotte, Jonathan F.; Spencer, Adrian
2001LDA measurements of feed annulus effects on combustor liner port flowsSpencer, Adrian; McGuirk, James J.
2014LES of unsteady vortex aerodynamics in complex geometry gas-turbine fuel injectorsDianat, Mehriar; McGuirk, James J.; Fokeer, S.; Spencer, Adrian
Showing results 1 to 20 of 28