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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Partial wetting of porous substrates by blood droplets [Abstract]Chao, Tzu-Chieh; Arjmandi-Tash, Omid; Das, Diganta Bhusan; Starov, Victor
2014Particle laden fluid interfaces: Dynamics and interfacial rheologyMendoza, Alma J.; Guzman, Eduardo; Martinez-Pedrero, Fernando; Ritacco, Hernan; Rubio, Ramon; Ortega, Francisco; Starov, Victor; Miller, Reinhard
2012Particulate clusters and permeability in porous mediaDi Giovanni, B.A.; Mahdi, Faiz M.; Starov, Victor; Holdich, R.G.
2013Passage and deformation of oil drops through non-converging and converging micro-sized slotted pore membranesUllah, Asmat; Khan, S.W.; Shakoor, Abdul; Starov, Victor
2011Performance and properties of modified poly (vinylidene fluoride) membranes using general purpose polystyrene (GPPS) by DIPS methodSrivastava, Harsha P.; Arthanareeswaran, G.; Anantharaman, N.; Starov, Victor
2011Performance of modified poly(vinylidene fluoride) membrane for textile wastewater ultrafiltrationSrivastava, Harsha P.; Arthanareeswaran, G.; Anantharaman, N.; Starov, Victor
2015Polymer and foams in hair care products [Abstract]Arjmandi-Tash, Omid; Kovalchuk, Nina; Trybala, Anna; Bureiko, A.; Starov, Victor
2015Polymeric solutions in cosmetic industry [Abstract]Trybala, Anna; Kovalchuk, Nina; Liu, Zehan; Arjmandi-Tash, Omid; Bureiko, A.; Starov, Victor
2014Prediction of size distribution of crude oil drops in the permeate using a slotted pore membraneUllah, Asmat; Holdich, R.G.; Naeem, M.; Khan, S.W.; Starov, Victor
2011PrefaceProchazka, Karel; Starov, Victor
2018Procedures used in electrokinetic investigations of surfactant-laden interfaces, liquid films and foam systemHussein Sheik, Abdulkadir; Montazersadgh, Faraz; Starov, Victor; Trybala, Anna; Bandulasena, Hemaka C.H.
2016Removal of micrometer size particles from surfaces using laser-induced thermocapillary flow: Experimental resultsIvanova, Natalia A.; Starov, Victor; Trybala, Anna; Flyagin, V.M.
2015Removal of submicron particles from solid surfaces using surfactantsMahdi, Faiz M.; Record, T.E.; Amadi, C.A.; Emmanuel, F.O.; Ivanova, Natalia A.; Trybala, Anna; Starov, Victor
2009Reversible coagulation of colloidal suspension in shallow potential wells: direct numerical simulationKovalchuk, Nina; Starov, Victor; Langston, Paul; Hilal, Nidal
2012Shear enhanced microfiltration and rejection of crude oil drops through a slotted pore membrane including migration velocitiesUllah, Asmat; Holdich, R.G.; Naeem, M.; Starov, Victor
2014Simultaneous spreading and evaporation: recent developmentsSemenov, Sergey; Trybala, Anna; Kovalchuk, Nina; Starov, Victor; Rubio, Ramon; Velarde, M.G.
2016Simultaneous spreading and imbibition of blood droplets over porous substrates in the case of partial wettingChao, Tzu-Chieh; Arjmandi-Tash, Omid; Das, Diganta Bhusan; Starov, Victor
2014Smart and green interfaces: From single bubbles/drops to industrial environmental and biomedical applicationsDutschk, V.; Karapantsios, T.; Liggieri, L.; McMillan, N.; Miller, Reinhard; Starov, Victor
2016Spontaneous emulsification of water in oil at appreciable interfacial tensionsSilva, Pedro T. Santos; Zhdanov, Sergey; Starov, Victor; Holdich, R.G.
2011Spreading and evaporation of surfactant solution dropletsAgogo, Hezekiah; Semenov, Sergey; Ortega, Francisco; Rubio, Ramon; Starov, Victor; Velarde, M.G.
Showing results 86 to 105 of 126