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2018Acute and chronic effects of exercise on appetite, energy intake, and appetite-related hormones: the modulating effect of adiposity, sex, and habitual physical activityDorling, James L.; Broom, David R.; Burns, Stephen F.; Clayton, David J.; Deighton, Kevin; James, Lewis J.; King, James A.; Miyashita, Masashi; Thackray, Alice E.; Batterham, Rachel L.; Stensel, David J.
2016Acute effect of exercise intensity and duration on acylated ghrelin and hunger in menBroom, David R.; Miyashita, Masashi; Wasse, Lucy K.; Pulsford, Richard; King, James A.; Thackray, Alice E.; Stensel, David J.
2017Acute effects of exercise on appetite, ad libitum energy intake and appetite-regulatory hormones in lean and overweight/obese men and womenDouglas, Jessica A.; King, James A.; Clayton, David J.; Jackson, Andrew; Sargeant, Jack A.; Thackray, Alice E.; Davies, Melanie J.; Stensel, David J.
2011The acute effects of swimming on appetite, food intake, and plasma acylated ghrelinKing, James A.; Wasse, Lucy K.; Stensel, David J.
2016Acute exercise and appetite-regulating hormones in overweight and obese individuals: A meta-analysisDouglas, Jessica A.; Deighton, Kevin; Atkinson, Jan Maria; Sari-Sarraf, Vahid; Stensel, David J.; Atkinson, Greg
2013Acute exercise increases feeding latency in healthy normal weight young males but does not alter energy intakeKing, James A.; Wasse, Lucy K.; Stensel, David J.
2016Acute high-intensity interval rowing increases thrombin generation in healthy menSedgwick, Matthew J.; Thompson, Matthew; Garnham, Jack O.; Thackray, Alice E.; Barrett, Laura A.; Powis, Matthew; Stensel, David J.
2016Appetite and energy intake responses to acute energy deficits in females versus malesAlajmi, Nawal; Deighton, Kevin; King, James A.; Reischak-Oliveira, Alvaro; Wasse, Lucy K.; Jones, Jenny; Batterham, Rachel L.; Stensel, David J.
2015Appetite and gut hormone responses to moderate-intensity continuous exercise versus high-intensity interval exercise, in normoxic and hypoxic conditionsBailey, Daniel P.; Smith, Lindsey R.; Chrismas, Bryna C.R.; Taylor, Lee; Stensel, David J.; Deighton, Kevin; Douglas, Jessica A.; Kerr, Catherine J.
2015Appetite, appetite hormone and energy intake responses to two consecutive days of aerobic exercise in healthy young menDouglas, Jessica A.; King, James A.; McFarlane, Ewan; Baker, Luke A.; Bradley, Chloe; Crouch, Nicole; Hill, David; Stensel, David J.
2017The association between leisure-time physical activity, low HDL-cholesterol and mortality in a pooled analysis of nine population-based cohortsO'Donovan, Gary; Stensel, David J.; Hamer, Mark; Stamatakis, Emmanuel
2016Breaking up prolonged sitting with standing or walking attenuates the postprandial metabolic response in post-menopausal women: a randomised acute studyHenson, Joseph; Davies, Melanie J.; Bodicoat, Danielle H.; Edwardson, Charlotte L.; Gill, Jason M.R.; Stensel, David J.; Tolfrey, Keith; Dunstan, David W.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Yates, Thomas E.
2017Concurrent validity of ActiGraph-determined sedentary time against the activPAL under free-living conditions in a sample of bus driversVarela-Mato, Veronica; Yates, Thomas E.; Stensel, David J.; Biddle, Stuart J.H.; Clemes, Stacy A.
2017Cross-sectional surveillance study to phenotype lorry drivers’ sedentary behaviours, physical activity and cardio-metabolic healthVarela-Mato, Veronica; O'Shea, Orlagh; King, James A.; Yates, Thomas E.; Stensel, David J.; Biddle, Stuart J.H.; Nimmo, Myra A.; Clemes, Stacy A.
2018Defining myocardial fibrosis in haemodialysis patients with non-contrast cardiac magnetic resonanceGraham-Brown, Matthew P.M.; Singh, Anvesha; Gulsin, G.S.; Levelt, E.; Arnold, Jayanth; Stensel, David J.; Burton, James O.; McCann, Gerry P.
2011Differential acylated ghrelin, peptide YY3-36, appetite, and food intake responses to equivalent energy deficits created by exercise and food restrictionKing, James A.; Wasse, Lucy K.; Ewens, Joshua; Crystallis, Kathrina; Emmanuel, Julian; Batterham, Rachel L.; Stensel, David J.
2018Different patterns of walking and postprandial triglycerides in older womenKashiwabara, Kyoko; Kidokoro, Tetsuhiro; Yanaoka, Takuma; Burns, Stephen F.; Stensel, David J.; Miyashita, Masashi
2016Effect of 24-h severe energy restriction on appetite regulation and ad libitum energy intake in lean men and womenClayton, David J.; Burrell, Kirsty; Mynott, Georgina; Creese, Mark; Skidmore, Nicola; Stensel, David J.; James, Lewis J.
2013Effect of acute and regular exercise on growth hormone secretagogue receptor-1a expression in human lymphocytes, T cell subpopulation and monocytesBishop, Nicolette; Hayashida, Harumi; Clark, Megan; Coombs, Charlotte; Miller, Sean; Stensel, David J.
2013The effect of ambient temperature during acute aerobic exercise on short term appetite, energy intake and plasma acylated ghrelin in recreationally active malesWasse, Lucy K.; King, James A.; Stensel, David J.; Sunderland, Caroline
Showing results 2 to 21 of 66