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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Current applications of foams formed from mixed surfactant-polymer solutionsBureiko, A.; Trybala, Anna; Kovalchuk, Nina; Starov, Victor
2016Determining electroosmotic velocity in a free liquid filmHussein Sheik, Abdulkadir; Bandulasena, Hemaka C.H.; Starov, Victor; Trybala, Anna
2019Drying of foam under microgravity conditionsKoursari, Nektaria; Arjmandi-Tash, Omid; Trybala, Anna; Starov, Victor
2014Effects of additives on the foaming properties of Aculyn 22 and Aculyn 33 polymeric solutionsBureiko, A.; Trybala, Anna; Huang, J.; Kovalchuk, Nina; Starov, Victor
2018Electroosmotic flow in free liquid films: Understanding flow in foam plateau bordersHussein Sheik, Abdulkadir; Trybala, Anna; Starov, Victor; Bandulasena, Hemaka C.H.
2017Electroosmotic flow measurements in a freely suspended liquid film: Experiments and numerical simulationsHussein Sheik, Abdulkadir; Bandulasena, Hemaka C.H.; Starov, Victor; Trybala, Anna
2014Electrospun poly lactic acid (PLA) fibres: effect of different solvent systems on fibre morphology and diameterCasasola, Raffaella; Thomas, Noreen L.; Trybala, Anna; Georgiadou, Stella
2013Evaporation kinetics of sessile droplets of aqueous suspensions of inorganic nanoparticlesTrybala, Anna; Okoye, Adaora; Semenov, Sergey; Agogo, Hezekiah; Rubio, Ramon; Ortega, Francisco; Starov, Victor
2013Evaporation of droplets of surfactant solutionsSemenov, Sergey; Trybala, Anna; Agogo, Hezekiah; Kovalchuk, Nina; Ortega, Francisco; Rubio, Ramon; Starov, Victor; Velarde, M.G.
2014Evaporation of sessile dropletsKovalchuk, Nina; Trybala, Anna; Starov, Victor
2014Fluoro- vs hydrocarbon surfactants: why do they differ in wetting performance?Kovalchuk, Nina; Trybala, Anna; Starov, Victor; Matar, O.; Ivanova, Natalia A.
2014Foam drainage: experimental study and numerical simulationsBureiko, A.; Kovalchuk, Nina; Trybala, Anna; Arjmandi-Tash, Omid; Starov, Victor
2017Foam drainage on thick porous substrateArmstrong, Toby; Smith, Hannah; Arjmandi-Tash, Omid; Cook, Jennifer; Trybala, Anna; Starov, Victor
2015Foam drainage placed on a porous substrateArjmandi-Tash, Omid; Kovalchuk, Nina; Trybala, Anna; Starov, Victor
2014Foams based on aqueous polymeric solutions: Experimental study and numerical simulationsTrybala, Anna; Bureiko, A.; Kovalchuk, Nina; Arjmandi-Tash, Omid; Starov, Victor
2016Foams built up by non-Newtonian polymeric solutions: Free drainageArjmandi-Tash, Omid; Trybala, Anna; Mahdi, Faiz M.; Kovalchuk, Nina; Starov, Victor
2016Free drainage of non-Newtonian foams [Abstract]Trybala, Anna; Arjmandi-Tash, Omid; Mahdi, Faiz M.; Starov, Victor
2016Free drainage of non-Newtonian foams [Abstract]Arjmandi-Tash, Omid; Trybala, Anna; Mahdi, Faiz M.; Starov, Victor
2015Gelatin hydrogel as a model for assessment of the wettability and water-resistance of polypeptide materialsPletnev, M. Yu; Trybala, Anna; Pokidko, B.V.; Starov, Victor
2014Influence of haematocrit level on the kinetics of blood spreading on thin porous medium during dried blood spot samplingChao, Tzu-Chieh; Trybala, Anna; Starov, Victor; Das, Diganta Bhusan
Showing results 3 to 22 of 41