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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015In search for a perfect shape of polyhedra: Buffon transformationSchreiber, Veronika; Veselov, A.P.; Ward, Joseph P.
2001Integrable Schrodinger operators with magnetic fields: factorization method on curved surfacesFerapontov, E.V.; Veselov, A.P.
2015Jack-Laurent symmetric functionsVeselov, A.P.; Sergeev, A.N.
2015Jack-Laurent symmetric functions for special values of parametersSergeev, A.N.; Veselov, A.P.
2014Jacobi-Trudy formula for generalized Schur polynomialsSergeev, A.N.; Veselov, A.P.
2005Lame equation, quantum top and elliptic Bernoulli polynomials.Grosset, Marie-Pierre J.E.; Veselov, A.P.
2006Logarithmic Frobenius structures and Coxeter discriminantsFeigin, Mikhail V.; Veselov, A.P.
2017Lyapunov spectrum of Markov and Euclid treesSpalding, Kathryn; Veselov, A.P.
2019Markov numbers, Mather's beta-function and stable normSorrentino, A.; Veselov, A.P.
1999Multidimensional Baker-Akhiezer functions and Huygens' principleChalykh, O.A.; Feigin, Mikhail V.; Veselov, A.P.
1999Multidimensional integrable Schrodinger operators with matrix potentialChalykh, O.A.; Goncharenko, V.M.; Veselov, A.P.
2014On deformation and classification of V-SystemsSchreiber, Veronika; Veselov, A.P.
2011On elliptic Calogero-Moser systems for complex crystallographic reflection groupsEtingof, Pavel; Felder, G.; Ma, Xiaoguang; Veselov, A.P.
2001On Stieltjes relations, Painleve-IV hierarchy and complex monodromyVeselov, A.P.
2008On the geometry of V-systemsFeigin, Mikhail V.; Veselov, A.P.
1999On the real roots of the Bernoulli polynomials and the Hurwitz zeta-functionVeselov, A.P.; Ward, John P.
2002On the real zeroes of the Hurwitz zeta-function and Bernoulli polynomialsVeselov, A.P.; Ward, John P.
2017On the spectra of real and complex Lame operatorsHaese-Hill, William; Hallnas, Martin; Veselov, A.P.
2017Orbits and invariants of super Weyl groupoidSergeev, A.N.; Veselov, A.P.
2007Periodic continued fractions and hyperelliptic curvesGrosset, Marie-Pierre J.E.; Veselov, A.P.
Showing results 21 to 40 of 50