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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Optical optimization of high resistance transparent layers in thin film cadmium telluride solar cellsWomack, Gerald; Kaminski, Piotr M.; Walls, Michael
2016Optical optimization of perovskite solar cell structure for maximum current collectionKaminski, Piotr M.; Isherwood, Patrick J.M.; Womack, Gerald; Walls, Michael
2013Optimisation of cadmium chloride solution processing of close space sublimated thin film CdTe solar cellsSchuler, G.P.; Maniscalco, Bianca; Bowers, Jake W.; Claudio, Gianfranco; Walls, Michael
2014Oxygenated CdS window layers for thin film CdTe photovoltaics by pulsed DC magnetron sputteringKaminski, Piotr M.; Lisco, Fabiana; Abbas, Ali; Bowers, Jake W.; Claudio, Gianfranco; Walls, Michael
2017Performance and durability of broadband antireflection coatings for thin film CdTe solar cellsWomack, Gerald; Kaminski, Piotr M.; Abbas, Ali; Isbilir, Kenan; Gottschalg, Ralph; Walls, Michael
2017Photoluminescence imaging analysis of doping in thin film CdS and CdS/CdTe devicesPotamialis, C.; Lisco, Fabiana; Maniscalco, Bianca; Togay, Mustafa; Abbas, Ali; Bliss, Martin; Bowers, Jake W.; Walls, Michael; Rimmaudo, I.; Fernandez, R. Mis; Rejon, V.; Pena, J.L.
2014Pinhole free thin film CdS deposited by chemical bath using a substrate reactive plasma treatmentLisco, Fabiana; Abbas, Ali; Maniscalco, Bianca; Kaminski, Piotr M.; Losurdo, Maria; Bass, Kevin; Claudio, Gianfranco; Walls, Michael
2017Polycrystalline CdSeTe/CdTe absorber cells with 28 mA/cm2 short-circuit currentMunshi, Amit; Kephart, Jason M.; Abbas, Ali; Raguse, John; Beaudry, Jean-Nicolas; Barth, Kurt L.; Sites, James; Walls, Michael; Sampath, Walajabad S.
2017Process development of sublimated Cu-free CdTe solar cellsPotamialis, C.; Lisco, Fabiana; Maniscalco, Bianca; Togay, Mustafa; Bowers, Jake W.; Walls, Michael
2016Refractive index determination by coherence scanning interferometryYoshino, Hirokazu; Kaminski, Piotr M.; Smith, Roger; Walls, Michael; Mansfield, D.
2016The roles of ZnTe buffer layers on CdTe solar cell performanceWolden, Colin A.; Abbas, Ali; Li, Jiaojiao; Diercks, David R.; Meysing, Daniel M.; Ohno, Timothy R.; Beach, Joseph D.; Barnes, Teresa M.; Walls, Michael
2014Room temperature surface passivation of silicon for screen printed c-Si solar cells by HiTUS reactive sputter depositionClaudio, Gianfranco; Kaminski, Piotr M.; Bass, Kevin; Walls, Michael
2011Silicon Carbon-Nitride (SiCxNy:H) by High Target Utilisation System (HiTUS) for crystalline silicon solar cell anti-reflective coating and passivationKaminski, Piotr M.; Bass, Kevin; Maniscalco, Bianca; Walls, Michael; Claudio, Gianfranco
2015Solution-processed CuIn(S,Se)2 absorber layers for application in thin film solar cellsArnou, Panagiota; Cooper, Carl S.; Malkov, Andrei V.; Bowers, Jake W.; Walls, Michael
2017Solution processing of CuIn(S,Se)2 and Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 thin film solar cells using metal chalcogenide precursorsArnou, Panagiota; Cooper, Carl S.; Ulicna, Sona; Abbas, Ali; Eeles, Alexander; Wright, Lewis D.; Malkov, Andrei V.; Walls, Michael; Bowers, Jake W.
2015The structural properties of CdS deposited by chemical bath deposition and pulsed direct current magnetron sputteringLisco, Fabiana; Kaminski, Piotr M.; Abbas, Ali; Bass, Kevin; Bowers, Jake W.; Claudio, Gianfranco; Losurdo, Maria; Walls, Michael
2016Surface activation of rigid and flexible substrates for thin film photovoltaics using atmospheric pressure plasmaLisco, Fabiana; Shaw, Alexander; Wright, Alexander; Iza, Felipe; Walls, Michael
2017Test methods for hydrophobic coatings on solar cover glassIsbilir, Kenan; Maniscalco, Bianca; Gottschalg, Ralph; Walls, Michael
2014Thin film thickness measurements using Scanning White Light InterferometryManiscalco, Bianca; Kaminski, Piotr M.; Walls, Michael
2015A tunable amorphous p-type ternary oxide system: the highly mismatched alloy of copper tin oxideIsherwood, Patrick J.M.; Butler, K.T.; Walsh, A.; Walls, Michael
Showing results 52 to 71 of 73