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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Process variables in the reflow soldering of surface mountConway, Paul P.; Williams, David J.; Tang, A.C.T.; Sargent, P.M.; Whalley, David C.
2014Qualification of academic facilities for small-scale automated manufacture of autologous cell-based productsHourd, Paul C.; Chandra, Amit; Alvey, David; Ginty, Patrick J.; McCall, Mark J.S.; Ratcliffe, Elizabeth; Rayment, Erin; Williams, David J.
2017Qualitative and quantitative demonstration of bead-to-bead transfer with bone marrow-derived human mesenchymal stem cells on microcarriers: utilising the phenomenon to improve culture performanceRafiq, Qasim A.; Ruck, Steven; Hanga, Mariana P.; Heathman, Thomas R.J.; Coopman, Karen; Nienow, Alvin W.; Williams, David J.; Hewitt, Christopher J.
2017Quality approaches to allow multi-site equivalence in pluripotent stem cell based product manufacturing [Abstract]Shariatzadeh, Maryam; Wilson, Samantha L.; Chandra, Amit; Sebastian, Sujith; McCall, Mark J.S.; Thomas, Robert James; Medcalf, Nick; Hewitt, Zoe; Williams, David J.
2014A Quality-by-Design approach to risk reduction and optimization for human embryonic stem cell cryopreservation processesMitchell, Peter D.; Ratcliffe, Elizabeth; Hourd, Paul C.; Williams, David J.; Thomas, Robert James
2015Quantification of biological variation in blood-based therapy – a summary of a meta-analysis to inform manufacturing in the clinicThurman-Newell, Jamie A.; Petzing, Jon N.; Williams, David J.
2013Quantification of variation in biological input materials and its effect on clinical outcome and manufactureThurman-Newell, Jamie A.; Petzing, Jon N.; Williams, David J.
2017A quantitative, multi-national and multi-stakeholder assessment of barriers to the adoption of cell therapiesDavies, Benjamin; Smith, James; Rikabi, Sarah; Wartolowska, Karolina; Morrey, Mark; French, Anna; MacLaren, Robert; Williams, David J.; Bure, Kim; Pinedo-Villanueva, Rafael; Mathur, Anthony; Birchall, Martin; Snyder, Evan; Atala, Anthony; Reeve, Brock; Brindley, David
2011Regenerative medicine, resource and regulation: lessons learned from the remedi projectGinty, Patrick J.; Rayment, Erin; Hourd, Paul C.; Williams, David J.
1999Reliability assessment of a digital electronic board assembly using the physics-of-failure approach: a case studyOguibe, Chucks N.; Williams, David J.
2008Results from an exploratory study to identify the factors that contribute to success for UK medical device small- and medium-sized enterprisesHourd, Paul C.; Williams, David J.
2018Scanning the horizon for high value-add manufacturing science: Accelerating manufacturing readiness for the next generation of disruptive, high-value curative cell therapeuticsHourd, Paul C.; Williams, David J.
2018Science-based assessment of source materials for cell-based medicines: report of a stakeholders workshop.Stacey, Glyn; Andrews, Peter W.; Asante, Curtis; Barbaric, Ivana; Barry, Jacqueline; Bisset, Louise; Braybrook, Julian; Buckle, Robin; Chandra, Amit; Coffey, Peter; Crouch, Sharon; Driver, Philip; Evans, Amanda; Gardner, John; Ginty, Patrick J.; Goldring, Christopher; Hay, David C.; Healy, Lyn; Hows, Anna; Hutchinson, Claire; Jesson, Helen; Kalber, Tammy; Kimber, Sue J.; Leathers, Roland; Moyle, Sarah; Murray, Trish; Neale, Michael; Pan, David; Park, B. Kevin; Rebolledo, Raul Elgueta; Rees, Ian; Rivolta, Marcelo N.; Ritchie, Allan; Roos, Eric J.; Saeb-Parsy, Kourosh; Schroder, Bernd; Sebastien, Sujith; Thomas, Angela; Thomas, Robert James; Turner, Marc; Vallier, Ludovic; Vitillo, Loriana; Webster, Andrew; Williams, David J.
2012The sensitivity of human mesenchymal stem cells to vibration and cold storage conditions representative of cold transportationNikolaev, N.I.; Liu, Yang; Hussein, Husnah; Williams, David J.
2009Synthesis and characterization of size-selective nanoporous polymeric adsorbents for blood purificationMalik, Danish J.; Webb, Chris; Holdich, R.G.; Ramsden, J.J.; Warwick, G.L.; Roche, Iain; Williams, David J.; Trochimczuk, Andrzej W.; Dale, J.A.; Hoenich, N.A.
1990Tailoring thermal profiles for the reflow of SMD assembliesTang, A.C.T.; Whalley, David C.; Williams, David J.
1993Thermal stress analysis of conductive adhesive jointsOgunjimi, Adebayo Oluyinka; Whalley, David C.; Williams, David J.
2017Translation of 3D bioprinting into medical practice: learning from related fields to focus our effortsWilliams, David J.
2015Using the cost-effectiveness of allogeneic islet transplantation to inform iPSC derived beta cell therapy reimbursementArchibald, Peter R.T.; Williams, David J.
2010A validated model of GAG deposition, cell distribution, and growth of tissue engineered cartilage cultured in a rotating bioreactorNikolaev, N.I.; Obradovic, B.; Versteeg, Hendrik K.; Lemon, G.; Williams, David J.
Showing results 44 to 63 of 63