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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Baseline adaptive wavelet thresholding technique for sEMG denoisingBartolomeo, Luca; Zecca, Massimiliano; Sessa, Salvatore; Lin, Zhuohua; Mukaeda, Y.; Ishii, Hiroyuki; Takanishi, Atsuo
2014Bipedal humanoid robot that makes humans laugh with use of the method of comedy and affects their psychological state activelyKishi, Tatsuhiro; Endo, Nobutsuna; Nozawa, Takayuki; Otani, T.; Cosentino, Sarah; Zecca, Massimiliano; Hashimoto, Kenji; Takanishi, Atsuo
2018Bone fracture monitoring using implanted antennas in the radius tibia and phalange heterogeneous bone phantomsSymeonidis, Symeon; Whittow, W.G.; Panagamuwa, C.J.; Zecca, Massimiliano
2010Brain response to a humanoid robot in areas implicated in the perception of human emotional gesturesChaminade, Thierry; Zecca, Massimiliano; Blakemore, Sarah-Jane; Takanishi, Atsuo; Frith, Chris D.; Micera, Silvestro; Dario, Paolo; Rizzolatti, Giacomo; Gallese, Vittorio; Umilta, Maria Alessandra
2017Comparison of gait event detection from shanks and feet in single-task and multi-task walking of healthy older adultsKong, Weisheng; Lin, J.; Waaning, Lauren; Sessa, Salvatore; Cosentino, Sarah; Magistro, Daniele; Zecca, Massimiliano; Kawashima, Ryuta; Takanishi, Atsuo
2013Cross-cultural perspectives on emotion expressive humanoid robotic head: recognition of facial expressions and symbolsTrovato, Gabriele; Kishi, Tatsuhiro; Endo, Nobutsuna; Zecca, Massimiliano; Hashimoto, Kenji; Takanishi, Atsuo
2015Development an arm robot to simulate the lead-pipe rigidity for medical educationWang, Chunbao; Duan, Lihong; Li, Mengjie; Lu, Zhijiang; Shen, Yajing; Wei, Jianjun; Shi, Qing; Wang, Yulong; Zecca, Massimiliano; Li, Weiguang; Wu, Zhengzhi
2017Development of an arm robot with human-like motor nerve model for neurological examination trainingWang, Chunbao; Liu, Quanquan; Duan, Lihong; Sun, Tongyang; Shi, Qing; Shen, Yajing; Shang, W.F.; Li, Weiguang; Wu, Zhengzhi; Zecca, Massimiliano; Wei, Jianjun; Takanishi, Atsuo
2010Development of an ultra-miniaturized inertial measurement unit for jaw movement analysis during free chewingLin, Zhuohua; Zecca, Massimiliano; Sessa, Salvatore; Ishii, Hiroyuki; Takanishi, Atsuo
2017Development of a portable sensorised handle for the objective assessment of the effectiveness and concordance of intervention plans in dementiaMa, Jianjia; Zecca, Massimiliano
2015Development of a rehabilitation robot for hand and wrist rehabilitation trainingWang, Chunbao; Lu, Zhijiang; Wang, Yulong; Li, Mengjie; Duan, Lihong; Shen, Yajing; Wei, Jianjun; Shi, Qing; Zecca, Massimiliano; Li, Weiguang; Wu, Zhengzhi
2016Development of lower limb rehabilitation evaluation system based on virtual reality technologyShen, Shihui; Gao, Chang; Zhao, Yong; Lu, Haojian; Shen, Yajing; Wang, Chunbao; Sun, Tongyang; Liu, Quanquan; Shi, Qing; Long, Jianjun; Wang, Yulong; Wu, Zhengzhi; Qin, Jian; Li, Weiguang; Zecca, Massimiliano; Takanishi, Atsuo
2014Development of new muscle contraction sensor to replace sEMG for using in muscles analysis fieldsZhang, Di; Matsuoka, Y.; Kong, Weisheng; Imtiaz, U.; Bartolomeo, Luca; Cosentino, Sarah; Zecca, Massimiliano; Sessa, Salvatore; Ishii, Hiroyuki; Takanishi, Atsuo
2018Development of sensorised resistance band for objective exercise measurement: Activities classification trialMa, Jianjia; Hogervorst, Eef; Magistro, Daniele; Chouliaras, V.A.; Zecca, Massimiliano
2015Development of subliminal persuasion system to improve the upper limb posture in laparoscopic training: a preliminary studyZhang, Di; Sessa, Salvatore; Kong, Weisheng; Cosentino, Sarah; Magistro, Daniele; Ishii, Hiroyuki; Zecca, Massimiliano; Takanishi, Atsuo
2009Development of the inertial measurement unit WB-3 - measurement of different movements of the chinZecca, Massimiliano; Lin, Zhuohua; Sessa, Salvatore; Sasaki, Tomoya; Ishii, Hiroyuki; Takanishi, Atsuo
2009Development of the ultra-miniaturized inertial measurement unit WB3 for objective skill analysis and assessment in neurosurgery: preliminary resultsZecca, Massimiliano; Sessa, Salvatore; Lin, Zhuohua; Suzuki, Takashi; Sasaki, Tomoya; Itoh, Kazuko; Iseki, Hiroshi; Takanishi, Atsuo
2014Emotional gait: effects on humans’ perception of humanoid robotsDestephe, Matthieu; Brandao, Martim; Kishi, Tatsuhiro; Zecca, Massimiliano; Hashimoto, Kenji; Takanishi, Atsuo
2017Fear of falling and activities of daily living function: mediation effect of dual-task abilityBrustio, Paolo R.; Magistro, Daniele; Zecca, Massimiliano; Liubicich, Monica E.; Rabaglietti, Emanuela
2016Gait motion analysis based on WB-4 sensor with quaternion algorithmWang, Chunbao; Sun, Tongyang; Duan, Lihong; Liu, Quanquan; Lu, Zhijiang; Li, Meng; Chen, Pengfang; Wei, Chengdong; Hou, Anxin; Shen, Yajing; Liu, Qihong; Qin, Jian; Li, Weiguang; Shi, Qing; Wang, Yulong; Long, Jianjun; Wei, Jianjun; Zecca, Massimiliano; Wu, Zhengzhi
Showing results 5 to 24 of 51