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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Emotional gait: effects on humans’ perception of humanoid robotsDestephe, Matthieu; Brandao, Martim; Kishi, Tatsuhiro; Zecca, Massimiliano; Hashimoto, Kenji; Takanishi, Atsuo
2017Fear of falling and activities of daily living function: mediation effect of dual-task abilityBrustio, Paolo R.; Magistro, Daniele; Zecca, Massimiliano; Liubicich, Monica E.; Rabaglietti, Emanuela
2016Gait motion analysis based on WB-4 sensor with quaternion algorithmWang, Chunbao; Sun, Tongyang; Duan, Lihong; Liu, Quanquan; Lu, Zhijiang; Li, Meng; Chen, Pengfang; Wei, Chengdong; Hou, Anxin; Shen, Yajing; Liu, Qihong; Qin, Jian; Li, Weiguang; Shi, Qing; Wang, Yulong; Long, Jianjun; Wei, Jianjun; Zecca, Massimiliano; Wu, Zhengzhi
2012Gait phase detection using foot acceleration for estimating ground reaction force in long distance gait rehabilitationKawamura, Kazuya; Morita, Yuya; Okamoto, Jun; Saito, Kohei; Sessa, Salvatore; Zecca, Massimiliano; Takanishi, Atsuo; Takasugi, Shin-ichiro; Fujie, Masakatsu G.
2013Generation of humanoid robot's facial expressions for context-aware communicationTrovato, Gabriele; Zecca, Massimiliano; Kishi, Tatsuhiro; Endo, Nobutsuna; Hashimoto, Kenji; Takanishi, Atsuo
2016Identifying Technologies for Rehabilitation of Military Traumatic Brain Injury [Abstract]Wilson, Samantha L.; Zecca, Massimiliano; Craner, Matthew J.; Hodgetts, T.J.; Williams, David J.
2016Identifying technologies for rehabilitation of military traumatic brain injury [Abstracts]Wilson, Samantha L.; Zecca, Massimiliano; Craner, Matthew J.; Hodgetts, T.J.; Williams, David J.
2015An implanted antenna system for the monitoring of the healing of bone fracturesSymeonidis, Symeon; Whittow, W.G.; Panagamuwa, C.J.; Zecca, Massimiliano
2018Measurement invariance of TGMD-3 in children with and without mental and behavioural disordersMagistro, Daniele; Piumatti, Giovanni; Carlevaro, Fabio; Sherar, Lauren B.; Esliger, Dale W.; Bardaglio, Giulia; Magno, Francesca; Zecca, Massimiliano; Musella, Giovanni
2017The mediation effect of political interest on the connection between social trust and wellbeing among older adultsPiumatti, Giovanni; Magistro, Daniele; Zecca, Massimiliano; Esliger, Dale W.
2013A methodology for the performance evaluation of inertial measurement unitsSessa, Salvatore; Zecca, Massimiliano; Lin, Zhuohua; Bartolomeo, Luca; Ishii, Hiroyuki; Takanishi, Atsuo
2016Military traumatic brain injury: A review of key research requirementsWilson, Samantha L.; Zecca, Massimiliano; Hodgetts, T.J.; Williams, David J.
2014Movement analysis based on IMU (orientation sensor) [Japanese text]Ikai, T.; Zecca, Massimiliano; Sessa, Salvatore; Takanishi, Atsuo
2014Natural human-robot musical interaction: understanding the music conductor gestures by using the WB-4 inertial measurement systemCosentino, Sarah; Petersen, Klaus; Lin, Zhuohua; Bartolomeo, Luca; Sessa, Salvatore; Zecca, Massimiliano; Takanishi, Atsuo
2018A novel algorithm for determining the contextual characteristics of movement behaviors by combining accelerometer features and wireless beacons: development and implementationMagistro, Daniele; Sessa, Salvatore; Kingsnorth, Andrew P.; Loveday, Adam; Simeone, Alessandro; Zecca, Massimiliano; Esliger, Dale W.
2014A novel culture-dependent gesture selection system for a humanoid robot performing greeting interactionTrovato, Gabriele; Do, Martin; Kuramochi, Masuko; Zecca, Massimiliano; Terlemez, Omer; Asfour, Tamim; Takanishi, Atsuo
2015A novel greeting selection system for a culture-adaptive humanoid robotTrovato, Gabriele; Zecca, Massimiliano; Do, Martin; Terlemez, Omer; Kuramochi, Masuko; Waibel, Alexander; Asfour, Tamim; Takanishi, Atsuo
2013Objective skill evaluation for laparoscopic training based on motion analysisLin, Zhuohua; Uemura, M.; Zecca, Massimiliano; Sessa, Salvatore; Ishii, Hiroyuki; Tomikawa, M.; Hashizume, M.; Takanishi, Atsuo
2012Online magnetic calibration of a cutting edge 9-axis wireless Inertial Measurement UnitBartolomeo, Luca; Lin, Zhuohua; Sessa, Salvatore; Zecca, Massimiliano; Ishii, Hiroyuki; Takanishi, Atsuo
2003On the development of a cybernetic prosthetic handZecca, Massimiliano
Showing results 22 to 41 of 51