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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Direct observation of a band Jahn–Teller effect in the martensitic phase transition of Ni2MnGaBrown, P.J.; Bargawi, A.Y.; Crangle, J.; Neumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
1993A discussion of the influence of partial dislocations on the intensity of Bragg reflectionsNeumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
1998Experimental observation of lattice distortions due to a flux line lattice in niobiumNeumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Lauter, H-J.; Scharpf, O.; Smith, T.J.; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
2004The influence of atomic order and residual strain on the magnetic and structural properties of Ni2MnGaKreissl, M.; Kanomata, T.; Matsumoto, M.; Neumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Ouladdiaf, B.; Stephens, T.; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
2003The influence of atomic order on the magnetic and structural properties of the ferromagnetic shape memory compound Ni2MnGaKreissl, M.; Neumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Stephens, T.; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
2006The magnetic and structural properties of the magnetic shape memory compound Ni2Mn1.44Sn0.56Brown, P.J.; Gandy, A.P.; Kainuma, R.; Kanomata, T.; Neumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Oikawa, K.; Ouladdiaf, B.; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
2003Magnetic correlations in the paramagnetic phases of MnAsNeumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Ziebeck, K.R.A.; Jewiss, F.; Daweritz, L.; Ploog, K.H.; Murani, A.
2005Magnetization distribution in CoS2: is it a half metallic ferromagnet?Brown, P.J.; Neumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Simon, A.; Ueno, F.; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
2000The magnetization distributions in some Heusler alloys proposed as half-metallic ferromagnetsBrown, P.J.; Neumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Webster, P.J.; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
1999Microstructure formation during MnAs growth on GaAs(0 0 1)Schippan, Frank; Trampert, A.; Daweritz, L.; Ploog, K.H.; Dennis, B.; Neumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
2002Moment instability in Fe65Ni35 and Fe3Pt invar alloys studied with polarised neutronsBrown, P.J.; Kanomata, T.; Matsumoto, M.; Neumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
2004NMR of 51V in a Heusler alloy Fe2VSiNishihara, H.; Ono, K.; Neumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Ziebeck, K.R.A.; Kanomata, K.
1999Pd2TiAl : 57Fe investigated by monochromatic, circularly polarized MoK ssbauer sourceSzymanski, K.; Biernacka, M.; Dobrzynski, L.; Neumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Perzynska, K.; Satula, D.; Zaleski, P.; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
2001A polarized neutron investigation of the martensitic phase transition in V3Si: evidence for a band Jahn–Teller mechanismBrown, P.J.; Neumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
2001A quantitative determination of magnetic fluctuations in CuGeO3Smith, T.J.; Capellmann, H.; Kremer, R.K.; Neumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
2002Renormalisation of the Neel temperature and magnetocaloric effect in Tb2AglnNeumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Crangle, J.; Parsons, Mark J.; Taylor, Jonathan W.; Ouladdiaf, B.; Kanomata, T.; Mitamura, H.; Ishikawa, F.; Goto, T.; Dennis, B.; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
1997Spin-dependent electron momentum densities in Cu2MnAl studied by Compton scatteringZukowski, E.; Andrejczuk, A.; Dobrzynski, L.; Cooper, M.J.; Dixon, M.A.G.; Gardelis, S.; Lawson, P.K.; Buslaps, T.; Kaprzyk, S.; Neumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
1999Spin-spin correlations in the insulating and metallic phases of the Mott system V2O3Taylor, Jonathan W.; Smith, T.J.; Andersen, K.H.; Capellmann, H.; Kremer, R.K.; Simon, A.; Scharpf, O.; Neumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
1997The structure and magnetic moment distribution in the antiferromagnetic phase of U14Au51Brown, P.J.; Crangle, J.; Neumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Smith, Jacqui G.; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
1998A study of the structural phase transformation and superconductivity in HfV2Parsons, Mark J.; Brown, P.J.; Crangle, J.; Neumann, Klaus-Ulrich; Ouladdiaf, B.; Smith, T.J.; Zayer, Nadhum K.; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
Showing results 6 to 25 of 29