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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Achieving controllable sol-gel processing of tellurite glasses through the use of Te(VI) precursorsWeng, Luqian; Hodgson, S.N.B.; Bao, Xujin; Sagoe-Crentsil, Kwesi
2002Aluminium oxide nanoparticles prepared by water-in-oil microemulsionsPang, Yongxin; Bao, Xujin
2012Characterization of in situ synthesized hydroxyapatite/polyetheretherketone composite materialsMa, Rui; Weng, Luqian; Bao, Xujin; Ni, Zhuo; Song, Shenhua; Cai, Weiquan
2000Coating with amorphous silicon carbide using polymeric precursorsLoh, P.P.; Bao, Xujin; Nangrejo, Muhammad R.; Edirisinghe, Mohan J.
2016Compatibilization of PUR/PVAC polymer blend by addition of calcium carbonate fillerVrsaljko, Domagoj; Bao, Xujin
1999Different strategies for the synthesis of silicon carbide-silicon nitride composites from preceramic polymersBao, Xujin; Edirisinghe, Mohan J.
2002Effect of acetylacetone on the preparation of PZT materials in sol-gel processingWeng, Luqian; Bao, Xujin; Sagoe-Crentsil, Kwesi
2009Effect of POSS on crystalline transitions and physical properties of polyamide 12Wan, Chaoying; Zhao, Feng; Bao, Xujin; Kandasubramanian, Balasubramanian; Duggan, Matthew P.
2010Effect of POSS on morphology and mechanical properties of polyamide 12/montmorillonite nanocompositesZhao, Feng; Bao, Xujin; McLauchlin, Andrew R.; Gu, Jiajie; Wan, Chaoying; Kandasubramanian, Balasubramanian
2014High-temperature polymer electrolyte membranes based on poly(2,5-benzimidazole) (ABPBI) and POSS incorporated ionic liquidZhang, Fan; Bao, Xujin; Liu, Qingting; Huang, Mengyao
2003Influence of temperature, ripening time and calcination on the morphology and crystallinity of hydroxyapatite nanoparticlesPang, Yongxin; Bao, Xujin
2013In vivo biocompatibility and bioactivity of in situ synthesized hydroxyapatite/polyetheretherketone composite materialsMa, Rui; Weng, Luqian; Bao, Xujin; Song, Shenhua; Zhang, Yu
2009Mechanical behaviour of advanced composite laminates embedded with carbon nanotubes: reviewXie, Guanyan; Zhou, Gang; Bao, Xujin
2009Modification of montmorillonite with aminopropylisooctyl polyhedral oligomeric silsequioxaneZhao, Feng; Wan, Chaoying; Bao, Xujin; Kandasubramanian, Balasubramanian
2008Morphology and properties of silane-modified montmorillonite clays and clay/PBT compositesWan, Chaoying; Bao, Xujin; Zhao, Feng; Kandasubramanian, Balasubramanian; Duggan, Matthew P.
2011Novel ABPBI/POSS composite membranes for high-temperature PEMFC applicationsLiu, Qingting; Bao, Xujin; Rogers, Daniel M.; Zou, Siqin
2016Novel octopus shaped organic-inorganic composite membranes for PEMFCsLiu, Qingting; Sun, Quan; Ni, Na; Luo, Fang; Zhang, Rong; Hu, Shengfei; Bao, Xujin; Zhang, Fan; Zhao, Feng; Li, Xiao
2011Organoclay polybutylene terephthalate nanocomposites using dual surfactant modified montmorillonite prepared by the masterbatch methodMcLauchlin, Andrew R.; Bao, Xujin; Zhao, Feng
2019The perfect cureAnsarifar, Ali; Noulta, Kornkanok; Sheikh, Saad H.; Bao, Xujin; Weaver, George W.; Wijayantha, K.G.U.
2010Poly(2, 5-benzimidazole)-based polymer electrolyte membranes for high-temperature fuel cell applicationsBao, Xujin; Liu, Qingting
Showing results 1 to 20 of 36