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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Adolescent growth: genes, hormones and the peer groupHermanussen, Michael; Meitinger, T.; Veldhuis, J.D.; Low, M.J.; Pfaffle, R.; Staub, K.; Panczak, R.; Groth, Detlef; Brabec, M.; von Salisch, M.; Loh, C.P.A.; Tassenaar, Vincent; Scheffler, Christiane; Mumm, Rebekka; Godina, Elena; Lehmann, Andreas; Tutkuviene, J.; Gervickaite, S.; Nierop, A.F.M.; Holmgren, A.; Assmann, Christian; van Buuren, S.; Koziel, S.; Zadzinska, E.; Varela Silva, Maria Ines; Vignerova, J.; Salama, E.; El-Shabrawi, Mortada; Huijic, A.; Satake, Takashi; Bogin, Barry
2018As tall as my peers - similarity in body height between migrants and hosts.Bogin, Barry; Hermanussen, Michael; Scheffler, Christiane
2014Auxology - an editorialHermanussen, Michael; Bogin, Barry
2012The Body Mass Index: the good, the bad, and the horridBogin, Barry; Varela Silva, Maria Ines
2016Bone mineral density and hip structure analysis of UK Bangladeshi women compared with indigenous British women [Abstract]Harper, Diane; Brooke-Wavell, Katherine S.F.; Bogin, Barry
2018Caesarean birth and adiposity parameters in 6‐to 8 year‐old urban Maya children from two cities of Yucatan, Mexico [Abstract]Azcorra, Hugo; Rodrigues, Luis; Bogin, Barry; Banik, Sudip D.; Varela Silva, Maria Ines; Dickinson, Federico
2016Deep data science to prevent and treat growth faltering in Maya childrenVarela Silva, Maria Ines; Bogin, Barry; Galvez Sobral, J. Andres; Dickinson, Federico; Monserrat-Revillo, Susana; Healthy Birth, Growth, and 6 Development – Knowledge Integration (HBGDki) Initiative
2014Dietetic characteristics of a sample of Mayan dual burden households in Merida, Yucatan, MexicoAzcorra, Hugo; Wilson, Hannah J.; Bogin, Barry; Varela Silva, Maria Ines; Vazquez-Vazquez, Adriana; Dickinson, Federico
2018Editorial Perceiving stunting - student research and the "Lieschen Mueller effect" in nutrition scienceHermanussen, Michael; Scheffler, Christiane; Groth, Detlef; Bogin, Barry
2018Effects of stunting on body composition, biological age, and muscle strength of Maya and Ladino children in Guatemala [Abstract]Varela Silva, Maria Ines; Sogut, Mustafa; Mansukoski, L.M.; Millan-Fernandez, Lidia; Monserrat‐Revillo, Susana; Bogin, Barry
2018Effects of stunting on body composition, biological age, and muscle strength of Maya and Ladino children in Guatemala [Poster]Varela Silva, Maria Ines; Sogut, Mustafa; Mansukoski, L.M.; Millan-Fernandez, Lidia; Monserrat-Revillo, Susana; Azcorra, Hugo; Dickinson, Federico; Sanchez, Samantha; Bogin, Barry
2016Evolution of human life historyBogin, Barry; Varea, Carlos
2012Fat free mass explains the relationship between stunting and energy expenditure in urban Mexican Maya childrenWilson, Hannah J.; Dickinson, Federico; Hoffman, Daniel J.; Griffiths, Paula L.; Bogin, Barry; Varela Silva, Maria Ines
2008Fatness biases the use of estimated leg length as an epidemiological marker for adults in the NHANES III sampleBogin, Barry; Varela Silva, Maria Ines
2014Food, home and health: the meanings of food amongst Bengali Women in LondonJennings, Hannah Maria; Thompson, Janice L.; Merrell, Joy; Bogin, Barry; Heinrich, Michael
2017Global effects of income and income inequality on adult height and sexual dimorphism in heightBogin, Barry; Scheffler, Christiane; Hermanussen, Michael
2014Globalization and children’s diets: the case of Maya of Mexico and Central AmericaBogin, Barry; Azcorra, Hugo; Wilson, Hannah J.; Vazquez-Vazquez, Adriana; Avila-Escalante, Maria L.; Castillo-Burguette, Maria T.; Varela Silva, Maria Ines; Dickinson, Federico
2009Height and relative leg length as indicators of the quality of the environment among Mozambican juveniles and adolescentsPadez, Cristina; Varela Silva, Maria Ines; Bogin, Barry
2015Homo naledi, a new species of the genus Homo from the Dinaledi Chamber, South AfricaBerger, Lee R.; Hawks, John; de Ruiter, Darryl J.; Churchill, Steven E.; Schmid, Peter; Delezene, Lucas K.; Kivell, Tracy L.; Garvin, Heather M.; Williams, Scott A.; DeSilva, Jeremy M.; Skinner, Matthew M.; Musiba, Charles M.; Cameron, Noel; Holliday, Trenton W.; Harcourt-Smith, William; Ackermann, Rebecca R.; Bastir, Markus; Bogin, Barry; Bolter, Debra; Brophy, Juliet; Cofran, Zachary D.; Congdon, Kimberly A.; Deane, Andrew S.; Dembo, Mana; Drapeau, Michelle; Elliott, Marina C.; Feuerriegel, Elen M.; Garcia-Martinez, Daniel; Green, David J.; Gurtov, Alia; Irish, Joel D.; Kruger, Ashley; Laird, Myra F.; Marchi, Damiano; Meyer, Marc R.; Nalla, Shahed; Negash, Enquye W.; Orr, Caley M.; Radovcic, Davorka; Schroeder, Lauren; Scott, Jill E.; Throckmorton, Zachary; Tocheri, Matthew W.; VanSickle, Caroline; Walker, Christopher S.; Wei, Pianpian; Zipfel, Bernhard
2016How does poverty affect children's nutritional status in Nairobi slums? A qualitative study of the root causes of undernutritionGoudet, Sophie; Kimani-Murage, Elizabeth W.; Wekesah, Frederick; Wanjohi, Milka; Griffiths, Paula L.; Bogin, Barry; Madise, Nyovani J.
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