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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Analysis of triacetone triperoxide complexes with alkali metal ions by electrospray and extractive electrospray ionisation combined with ion mobility spectrometry and mass spectrometryHill, Alexander R.; Edgar, Mark; Chatzigeorgiou, Maria; Reynolds, James C.; Kelly, Paul F.; Creaser, Colin S.
2016Design, synthesis and antitrypanosomal activities of 2,6-disubstituted-4,5,7-TrifluorobenzothiophenesBhambra, Avninder S.; Edgar, Mark; Elsegood, Mark R.J.; Li, Yuqi; Weaver, George W.; Arroo, Randolph R.J.; Yardley, Vanessa; Burrell-Saward, Hollie; Krystof, Vladimir
2010The effect of particle size on the dehydration/rehydration behaviour of lactoseCrisp, Jenna L.; Dann, Sandra E.; Edgar, Mark; Blatchford, C.G.
2018Low-field, benchtop NMR spectroscopy as a potential tool for point-of-care diagnostics of metabolic conditions: Validation, protocols and computational modelsPercival, Benita C.; Grootveld, Martin; Gibson, Miles; Osman, Yasan; Molinari, Marco; Jafari, Fereshteh; Sahota, Tarsem; Martin, Mark; Casanova, Federico; Mather, Melissa L.; Edgar, Mark; Masania, Jinit; Wilson, Philippe B.
2019Molecular composition of and potential health benefits offered by natural East African virgin sunflower oil products: A 400 MHz 1H NMR analysis studyPercival, Benita C.; Savel, Etienne; Ampem, Gilbert; Gibson, Miles; Edgar, Mark; Jafari, Fereshteh; Woodason, Katy; Frederick, Kianna; Wilson, Philippe B.; Grootveld, Martin
2019NMR spectral analysis of second-order 19F-19F, 19F-1H and 13C-19F coupling constants in pentafluorobenzene and tetrafluoro-4-(morpholino)pyridine using ANATOLIAEdgar, Mark; Zeinali, Fatemeh; Mojally, Mariam; Hughes, Charlotte; Riaz, Shahzad; Weaver, George W.
2011A novel bifunctional allyldisilane as a triple allylation reagent in the stereoselective synthesis of trisubstituted tetrahydrofuransMalkov, Andrei V.; Kysilka, Ondrej; Edgar, Mark; Kadlcikova, Aneta; Kotora, Martin; Kocovsky, Pavel
2016Novel fluorinated benzimidazole-based scaffolds and their anticancer activity in vitroBhambra, Avninder S.; Edgar, Mark; Elsegood, Mark R.J.; Horsburgh, Lynne; Krystof, Vladimir; Lucas, Paul D.; Mojally, Mariam; Teat, Simon J.; Warwick, Thomas G.; Weaver, George W.; Zeinali, Fatemeh
2009A novel trisprotonated beta-dialdiminate cryptandChin, Aileen; Edgar, Mark; Harding, Charles J.; McKee, Vickie; Nelson, Jane
2019Progress in low-field benchtop NMR spectroscopy in chemical and biochemical analysisGrootveld, Martin; Percival, Benita C.; Gibson, Miles; Osman, Yasan; Edgar, Mark; Molinari, Marco; Mather, Melissa L.; Casanova, Federico; Wilson, Philippe B.
2013Studies on the double alkylation of 2,2-disubstituted-1,3-dithiacycloalkane-S-oxides: synthesis of tertiary thiol derivativesFuchs, Christian; Edgar, Mark; Elsegood, Mark R.J.; Weaver, George W.
2011Synthesis of fluorinated fused benzofurans and benzothiophenes: smiles-type rearrangement and cyclisation of perfluoro(het)aryl ethers and sulfidesGonzalez, Julia Ponce; Edgar, Mark; Elsegood, Mark R.J.; Weaver, George W.
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12