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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Accelerated volume loss in glacier ablation zones of NE Greenland, Little Ice Age to presentCarrivick, Jonathan L.; Boston, Clare M.; King, Owen; James, William H.; Quincey, Duncan J.; Smith, Mark W.; Grimes, Michael; Evans, Jeff
2008Autonomous underwater vehicles (AVUs) and investigations of the ice-ocean interface: deploying the Autosub AUV in Antarctic and Arctic waterDowdeswell, Julian A.; Evans, Jeff; Mugford, R.; Griffiths, G.; McPhail, S.; Millard, N.; Stevenson, P.; Brandon, Mark A.; Banks, C.; Heywood, K.; Price, M.R.; Dodd, P.A.; Jenkins, A.; Nicholls, K.W.; Hayes, D.; Abrahamsen, E.P.; Tyler, P.; Bett, B.; Jones, D.; Wadhams, Peter; Wilkinson, J.P.; Stansfield, K.; Ackley, S.
2014A community-based geological reconstruction of Antarctic Ice Sheet deglaciation since the Last Glacial MaximumBentley, Michael J.; O Cofaigh, Colm; Anderson, John B.; Conway, Howard; Davies, Bethan J.; Graham, Alastair G.C.; Hillenbrand, Claus-Dieter; Hodgson, Dominic A.; Jamieson, Stewart S.R.; Larter, Robert D.; Mackintosh, Andrew; Smith, James A.; Verleyen, Elie; Ackert, Robert P.; Bart, Philip J.; Berg, Sonja; Brunstein, Daniel; Canals, M.; Colhoun, Eric A.; Crosta, Xavier; Dickens, William A.; Domack, Eugene; Dowdeswell, Julian A.; Dunbar, Robert; Ehrmann, Werner; Evans, Jeff; Favier, Vincent; Fink, David; Favier, Christopher J.; Glasser, Neil F.; Gohl, Karsten; Golledge, Nicholas R.; Goodwin, Ian; Gore, Damian B.; Greenwood, Sarah L.; Hall, Brehda L.; Hall, Kevin; Hedding, David W.; Hein, AndrewS.; Hocking, Emma P.; Jakobsson, Martin; Johnson, Joanne S.; Jomelli, Vincent; Jones, R. Selwyn; Klages, Johann P.; Kristoffersen, Yngve; Kuhn, Gerhard; Leventer, Amy; Licht, Kathy; Lilly, Katherine; Lindow, Julia; Livingstone, Stephin J.; Masse, Guillaume; McGlone, Matt S.; McKay, Robert M.; Melles, Martin; Miura, Hideki; Mulvaney, Robert; Nel, Werner; Nitsche, Frank O.; O'Brien, Philip E.; Post, Alexandra L.; Roberts, Stephen J.; Saunders, Krystyna M.; Selkirk, Patricia M.; Simms, Alexander R.; Spiegel, Cornelia; Stolldorf, Travis D.; Sugden, David E.; van der Putten, Nathalie; van Ommen, Tas; Verfaillie, Deborah; Vyverman, Wim; Wagner, Bernd; White, Duanne A.; Witus, Alexandra E.; Zwartz, Dan
2015Cryosphere: Antarctic ice growth and retreatEvans, Jeff
2016Geomorphic and shallow-acoustic investigation of an Antarctic Peninsula fjord system using high-resolution ROV and shipboard geophysical observations: Ice dynamics and behaviour since the Last Glacial MaximumGarcia, Marga; Dowdeswell, Julian A.; Noormets, R.; Hogan, K.A.; Evans, Jeff; O Cofaigh, Colm; Larter, Robert D.
2015Glacial lineations and recessional moraines on the continental shelf of Northeast GreenlandArndt, J.E.; Evans, Jeff
2015Grounding-zone wedges on the northern Larsen shelf, Antarctic PeninsulaEvans, Jeff; Hogan, K.A.
2014Late Quaternary ice flow in a West Greenland fjord and cross-shelf trough system: submarine landforms from Rink Isbrae to Uummannaq shelf and slopeDowdeswell, Julian A.; Hogan, K.A.; O Cofaigh, Colm; Fugelli, E.M.G.; Evans, Jeff; Noormets, R.
2009Marine geophysical evidence for former expansion and flow of the Greenland Ice Sheet across the north-east Greenland continental shelfEvans, Jeff; O Cofaigh, Colm; Dowdeswell, Julian A.; Wadhams, Peter
2015A new bathymetry of the Northeast Greenland continental shelf: constraints on glacial and 2 other processesArndt, J.E.; Jokat, Wilfried; Dorschel, Boris; Myklebust, Myklebust; Dowdeswell, Julian A.; Evans, Jeff
2010Past ice-sheet flow east of Svalbard inferred from streamlined subglacial landformsDowdeswell, Julian A.; Hogan, K.A.; Evans, Jeff; Noormets, R.; O Cofaigh, Colm; Ottesen, D.
2014Reconstruction of ice-sheet changes in the Antarctic Peninsula since the Last Glacial MaximumO Cofaigh, Colm; Davies, Bethan J.; Livingstone, Stephen J.; Smith, James A.; Johnson, Joanne S.; Hocking, Emma P.; Hodgson, Dominic A.; Anderson, John B.; Bentley, Michael J.; Canals, Miquel; Domack, Eugene; Dowdeswell, Julian A.; Evans, Jeff; Glasser, Neil F.; Hillenbrand, Claus-Dieter; Larter, Robert D.; Roberts, Stephen J.; Simms, Alexander R.
2018The role of meltwater in high-latitude trough-mouth fan development: The Disko Trough-Mouth Fan, West GreenlandO Cofaigh, Colm; Hogan, K.A.; Jennings, Anne E.; Callard, S. Louise; Dowdeswell, Julian A.; Noormets, R.; Evans, Jeff
2013The search for seismic signatures of movement at the glacier bed in a polythermal valley glacierPomeroy, Joseph A.; Brisbourne, Alex; Evans, Jeff; Graham, David J.
2015Submarine gullies and an axial channel in glacier-influenced Courtauld Fjord, East GreenlandEvans, Jeff; Dowdeswell, Julian A.
2010Submarine landforms and shallow acoustic stratigraphy of a 400 km-long fjord-shelf-slope transect, Kangerlussuaq margin, East GreenlandDowdeswell, Julian A.; Evans, Jeff; O Cofaigh, Colm
2016Using UAV acquired photography and structure from motion techniques for studying glacier landforms: application to the glacial flutes at IsfallsglaciärenEly, J.; Graham, C.; Barr, Iestyn D.; Rea, B.R.; Spagnolo, M.; Evans, Jeff
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