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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Arsenic's interactions with humic acidWarwick, Peter; Inam, Edu; Evans, Nick
2008Binding mechanisms of radionuclides to cementEvans, Nick
2010Carbon nanoparticle surface functionalisation: converting negatively charged sulfonate to positively charged sulfonamideWatkins, John D.; Lawrence, Ruth; Taylor, James E.; Bull, Steven D.; Nelson, Geoffrey W.; Foord, John S.; Wolverson, Daniel; Rassaei, Liza; Evans, Nick; Gascon, Silvia Anton; Marken, Frank
2007Competitive effect of iron(III) on metal complexation by humic substances : characterisation of ageing processesLippold, Holger; Evans, Nick; Warwick, Peter; Kupsch, H.
2003Complexation of Ni(II) by α-isosaccharinic acid and gluconic acid from pH 7 to pH 13Warwick, Peter; Evans, Nick; Hall, Tony; Vines, Sarah
2012The complexation of Tc(IV) with EDTA and picolinic acid at high pHEvans, Nick; Hallam, Ricky
2008Complexation parameters for the actinides(IV)-humic acid system : a search for consistency and application to laboratory and field observationsReiller, Pascal E.; Evans, Nick; Szabo, Gyula
2007Degradation of tetraphenylphosphonium bromide at high pH and its effect on radionuclide solubilityAldridge, S.; Warwick, Peter; Evans, Nick; Vines, Sarah
2012Effect of competition from other metals on nickel complexation by α-isosaccharinic, gluconic and picolinic acidsEvans, Nick; Gascon, Silvia Anton; Vines, Sarah; Felipe-Sotelo, Monica
2012The effects of humic substances on the transport of radionuclides: recent improvements in the prediction of behaviour and the understanding of mechanismsBryan, Nick D.; Abrahamsen, Liam G.; Evans, Nick; Warwick, Peter; Buckau, Gunner; Weng, Liping; Van Riemsdijk, Willem H.
2013"Hydrothermal wrapping" with poly(4-vinylpyridine) introduces functionality: pH-sensitive core-shell carbon nanomaterialsLawrence, Katherine; Nelson, Geoffrey W.; Foord, John S.; Felipe-Sotelo, Monica; Evans, Nick; Mitchels, John M.; James, Tony D.; Xia, Fengjie; Marken, Frank
2006Kinetic studies of the quartz/sand, Eu3+ and humic acid ternary systemAbrahamsen, Liam G.; Farrelly, Dean H.; Pitois, Aurelien; Warwick, Peter; Evans, Nick; Knight, Les; Bryan, Nick D.
2012Modelling the sorption of 63Ni to granitic materials: application of the component additive modelEbong, Fidelis Sameh; Evans, Nick
2012Prediction and measurement of complexation of radionuclide mixtures by α-isosaccharinic, gluconic and picolinic acidsEvans, Nick; Warwick, Peter; Felipe-Sotelo, Monica; Vines, Sarah
2006A procedure to assess the importance of chemical kinetics in the humic-mediated transport of radionuclides in radiological performance assessment calculationsIvanov, Peter; Abrahamsen, Liam G.; Farrelly, Dean H.; Pitois, Aurelien; Warwick, Peter; Evans, Nick; Knight, Les; Bryan, Nick D.
2007The role of humic non-exchangeable binding in the promotion of metal ionBryan, Nick D.; Jones, Dominic L.M.; Keepax, Rose E.; Farrelly, Dean H.; Abrahamsen, Liam G.; Pitois, Aurelien; Ivanov, Peter; Warwick, Peter; Evans, Nick
2007The solubility of technetium(IV) at high pHWarwick, Peter; Aldridge, S.; Evans, Nick; Vines, Sarah
2011Sorption of Ni And Eu in a multi-element systemEbong, Fidelis Sameh; Evans, Nick
2012Sorption of radionuclides to a cementitious backfill material under near-field conditionsFelipe-Sotelo, Monica; Hinchliff, John; Evans, Nick; Warwick, Peter; Read, David
2005Sorption of selected radionuclides to clay in the presence of humic acidWarwick, Peter; Lewis, T.; Evans, Nick; Bryan, Nick D.; Knight, Les
Showing results 1 to 20 of 26