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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Assessment of solutions to improve the restraint conditions of children in vehicles [Deliverable 4.6 of the EC FP7 Project CASPER]Alejandro, Alessandro; Gidney, Joshua; Lesire, Phillippe; Kirk, Alan; Dodson, Elizabeth; Muller, Gerd; Lehmann, Ines; Johannsen, Heiko; Schnottale, Britta; Krishnakumar, Reakka
2012CASPER: focus on some specific technical points through field studies and test dataLesire, Phillippe; Kirk, Alan; Johannsen, Heiko; Schnottale, Britta; Beillas, Philippe; Longton, Alejandro; Leopold, Franck; Fiorentino, Anita; Muller, Gerd; Royanrd, Mathieu; Chevalier, Marie-Christine
2013Child Advanced Safety Project for European Roads (CASPER): better knowledge and better tools to improve the real protection of children in carsLesire, Philippe; Johannsen, Heiko; Willinger, Remy; Longton, Alejandro; Kirk, Alan; Beillas, Philippe; Fiorentino, Anita
2017Costs related to serious injuries, deliverable 7.3 of the H2020 project SafetyCubeSchoeters, Annelies; Wijnen, Wim; Carnis, L.; Weijermars, Wendy; Elvik, R.; Johannsen, Heiko; Van den Berghe, W.; Filtness, Ashleigh J.; Daniels, S.
2018Identification of key risk factors related to serious road injuries and their health impacts, deliverable 7.4 of the H2020 project SafetyCubeReed, Steven; Brown, Laurie; Weijermars, Wendy; Bos, Niels; Boele, M.; Korving, H.; Jaensch, Michael; Johannsen, Heiko; von der Geest, M.; Perez, C.; Santamarina, E.; Martin, Jean-Louis; Bauer, Robert; Machata, Klaus
2016Identification of vehicle related risk factors, deliverable 6.1 of the H2020 project SafetyCubeHermitte, T.; Reed, Steven; Filtness, Ashleigh J.; Talbot, Rachel; Thomson, R.; Jansch, M.; Johannsen, Heiko; Niewohner, W.; Ancona, L.; Martin, O.; Vazquez-de-Prada, J.; Papadimitriou, Eleonora; Phan, V.; Saade, J.; Cuny, S.; Lesire, Philippe; Leopold, Franck; Labrousse, M.
2018Implications of estimating road traffic serious injuries from hospital dataPerez, Katherine; Weijermars, Wendy; Bos, Niels; Filtness, Ashleigh J.; Bauer, Robert; Johannsen, Heiko; Nuyttens, Nina; Pascal, Lea; Thomas, Pete; Olabarria, M.; Working group of WP7
2017Physical and psychological consequences of serious road traffic injuries, deliverable 7.2 of the H2020 project SafetyCubeWeijermars, Wendy; Bos, Niels; Wijlhuizen, G.; Meunier, Jean-Christophe; Nuytens, N.; Dupont, Emmanuelle; Barnes, Jo; Brown, Laurie; Quigley, Claire; Filtness, Ashleigh J.; Perez, C.; Olabarria, M.; Duran, X.; Hours, M.; Martin, Jean-Louis; Bauer, Robert; Johannsen, Heiko
2016Practical guidelines for the registration and monitoring of serious traffic injuries, D7.1 of the H2020 project SafetyCubePerez, Katherine; Weijermars, Wendy; Amoros, E.; Bauer, Robert; Bos, Niels; Dupont, Emmanuelle; Filtness, Ashleigh J.; Houwing, Sjoerd; Johannsen, Heiko; Leskovsek, B.; Machata, Klaus; Martin, Jean-Louis; Nuyttens, Nina; Olabarria, M.; Pascal, Lea; Van den Berghe, W.
2011Safety benefits of the new ECE regulation for the homologation of CRS – an estimation by the CASPER consortiumLesire, Phillippe; Johannsen, Heiko; Muller, Gerd; Longton, Alejandro; Kirk, Alan; Krishnakumar, Reakka; Chevalier, Marie-Christine
2013Safety benefits of the new ECE regulation for the homologation of CRS: an estimation by the EC CASPER Project ConsortiumLesire, Philippe; Krishnakumar, Reakka; Chevalier, Marie-Christine; Johannsen, Heiko; Muller, Gerd; Longton, Alejandro; Kirk, Alan
2018Serious road traffic injuries in Europe, Lessons from the EU research project SafetyCubeWeijermars, Wendy; Bos, Niels; Schoeters, Annelies; Meunier, Jean-Christophe; Nuyttens, Nina; Dupont, Emmanuelle; Machata, Klaus; Bauer, Robert; Perez, Katherine; Martin, Jean-Louis; Johannsen, Heiko; Filtness, Ashleigh J.; Brown, Laurie; Thomas, Pete
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12