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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Anomalous in-plane magnetoresistance of electron-doped cuprate La2−xCexCuO4±δYu, H.S.; He, G.; Jia, Yanli; Zhang, X.; Yuan, J.; Zhu, Beiyi; Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Jin, K.
2017Bistability and relaxor ferrimagnetism in off-stoichiometric NiCrO3Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Arevalo-Lopez, Angel M.; Halder, M.; Attfield, J. Paul
2018A conducting nano-filament (CNF) network as a precursor to the origin of superconductivity in electron-doped copper oxidesYu, Heshan; He, G.; Lin, Ziquan; Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Yuan, J.; Zhu, Beiyi; Yang, Yi-Feng; Xiang, Tao; Li, Liang (Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center); Wang, Junfeng; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Jin, K.
2017Current-voltage characteristics of Weyl semimetal semiconducting devices, Veselago lenses, and hyperbolic Dirac phaseHills, Romilly D.Y.; Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Kusmartsev, F.V.
2010Electronic tuning of two metals and colossal magnetoresistances in EuWO1+ xN2- x perovskitesYang, Minghui; Oro-Sole, Judith; Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Fuertes, Alba; Attfield, J. Paul
2008From Mott state to superconductivity in-1T-TaSSipos, B.; Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Akrap, Ana; Berger, H.; Forro, Laszlo; Tutis, E.
2012From quantum disorder to magnetic order in an s=1/2 kagome lattice: a structural and magnetic study of herbertsmithite at high pressureKozlenko, D.P.; Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Lukin, E.V.; Keen, D.A.; Marshall, W.G.; DeVries, M.A.; Kamenev, Konstantin V.
2017How can Trump win?Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Zhang, Wu; Zhang, Xinyue; Kusmartsev, F.V.
2011Incommensurate spin order in the metallic perovskite MnVO3Markkula, Mikael; Arevalo-Lopez, Angel M.; Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Rodgers, Jennifer A.; Ritter, Clemens; Wu, Hua; Attfield, J. Paul
2017Ising model – an analysis, from opinions to neuronal statesKusmartsev, Vassili F.; Zhang, Wu; Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Balanov, Alexander G.; Janson, Natalia B.; Kusmartsev, F.V.
2009Large magnetoresistances and non-Ohmic conductivity in EuWO[1+x]N[2-x]Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Yang, Minghui; Oro-Sole, Judith; Bea, A.M.; Fuertes, Alba; Attfield, J. Paul
2017Morphological imperfections of epitaxial graphene: from a hindrance to the generation of new photo-responses in the visible domainBen Gouider Trabelsi, Amira; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Gaifullin, Marat; Forrester, D. Michael; Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Oueslati, M.
2012Piezochromism in nickel salicylaldoximato complexes: tuning crystal-field splitting with high pressureByrne, Peter J.; Richardson, Patricia J.; Chang, John; Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Allan, David R.; Jones, Anita C.; Kamenev, Konstantin V.; Tasker, Peter A.; Parsons, Simon
2006Positive pressure dependence of the superconducting transition temperature in C6YbSmith, Robert P.; Weller, Thomas E.; Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Skipper, Neal T.; Ellerby, Mark; Saxena, Siddharth S.
2013Possible high-pressure orbital quantum criticality and an emergent resistive phase in PbRuO3Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Sinclair, Alexandra; Rodgers, Jennifer A.; Kimber, Simon A.J.; Attfield, J. Paul
2006Pressure dependence of the superconducting transition temperature in C6Yb and C6CaSmith, Robert P.; Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Ko, Yuen T.C.; Saxena, Siddharth S.; Akrap, Ana; Forro, Laszlo; Laad, Mukul S.; Weller, Thomas E.; Ellerby, Mark; Skipper, Neal T.
17-May-2006Pressure induced changes in the antiferromagnetic superconductor YbPd2SnCumberlidge, A.-M.; Alireza, P.L.; Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Pearson, E.E.; Lonzarich, G.G.; Bernhoeft, N.R.; Roessli, B.
2015Pressure induced evolution of superconductivity and magnetic hourglass dispersion in Fe1.02Te0.7Se0.3Lancon, D.; Tsyrulin, N.; Boehm, M.; Viennois, R.; Zabihzadeh, S.; Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Giannini, E.; Ronnow, H.M.
2009Pressure induced superconductivity in pristine 1T-TiSe2Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Sipos, B.; Berger, H.; Forro, Laszlo; Tutis, E.
2018Spin-orbital polarons in electron doped copper oxidesKusmartseva, Anna F.; Yu, Heshan; Jin, K.; Kusmartsev, F.V.
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