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2015Biosorption of azo dyes by raspberry-like Fe3O4@yeast magnetic microspheres and their efficient regeneration using heterogeneous Fenton-like catalytic processes over an up-flow packed reactorSong, Rui; Bai, Bo; Li Puma, Gianluca; Wang, Honglun; Suo, Yourui
2015Boron doped TiO2 catalysts for photocatalytic ozonation of aqueous mixtures of common pesticides: Diuron, o-phenylphenol, MCPA and terbuthylazineQuinones, D.H.; Rey, A.; Alvarez, Pedro M.; Beltran, F.J.; Li Puma, Gianluca
2015Correlating the photocatalytic activity and the optical properties of LiVMoO6 photocatalyst under the UV and the visible region of the solar radiation spectrumHurtado, Lourdes; Natividad, Reyna; Torres-Garcia, Enelio; Farias, Jorgelina; Li Puma, Gianluca
2016Correlation between circuital current, Cu(II) reduction and cellular electron transfer in EAB isolated from Cu(II)-reduced biocathodes of microbial fuel cellsShen, Jingya; Huang, Liping; Zhou, Peng; Quan, Xie; Li Puma, Gianluca
2016Coupling the six flux absorption-scattering model to the Henyey-Greenstein scattering phase function: Evaluation and optimization of radiation absorption in solar heterogeneous photoreactorsAcosta-Herazo, Raul; Monterroza-Romero, Jesus; Angel Mueses, Miguel; Machuca-Martinez, Fiderman; Li Puma, Gianluca
2018Deposition and separation of W and Mo from aqueous solutions with simultaneous hydrogen production in stacked bioelectrochemical systems (BESs): Impact of heavy metals W(VI)/Mo(VI) molar ratio, initial pH and electrode materialHuang, Liping; Li, Ming; Pan, Yuzhen; Quan, Xie; Yang, Jinhui; Li Puma, Gianluca
2015Direct photolysis of benzoylecgonine under UV irradiation at 254nm in a continuous flow microcapillary array photoreactorRusso, Danilo; Spasiano, Danilo; Vaccaro, Marianna; Andreozzi, Roberto; Li Puma, Gianluca; Reis, Nuno M.; Marotta, Raffaele
2015Dye-sensitized photoelectrochemical cell on plasmonic Ag/AgCl @ chiral TiO2 nanofibers for treatment of urban wastewater effluents, with simultaneous production of hydrogen and electricityWang, Dawei; Li, Yi; Li Puma, Gianluca; Wang, Chao; Wang, Peifang; Zhang, Wenlong; Wang, Qing
2015Effective radiation field model to scattering - absorption applied in heterogeneous photocatalytic reactorsAngel Mueses, Miguel; Machuca-Martinez, Fiderman; Hernandez-Ramirez, Aracely; Li Puma, Gianluca
2017Efficient W and Mo deposition and separation with simultaneous hydrogen production in stacked bioelectrochemical systemsHuang, Liping; Li, Ming; Pan, Yuzhen; Shi, Yong; Quan, Xie; Li Puma, Gianluca
2016Electricity generation and bivalent copper reduction as a function of operation time and cathode electrode material in microbial fuel cellsWu, Dan; Huang, Liping; Quan, Xie; Li Puma, Gianluca
2019Future trends in photocatalysis for environmental applicationsVilar, Vitor J.P.; Dionysiou, Dionysios D.; Torres-Palma, Ricardo; Malato, Sixto; Li Puma, Gianluca
2018Humic acids adsorption and decomposition on Mn2O3 and α-Al2O3 nanoparticles in aqueous suspensions in the presence of ozoneSalla, Julia S.; Padoin, Natan; Amorim, Suelen M.; Li Puma, Gianluca; Moreira, Regina F.P.M.
2015Illuminating brighter horizons: Photocatalysis for water remediation and energy production [Poster]Talbot, S.; Li Puma, Gianluca; Reis, Nuno M.
2016Impact of Fe(III) as an effective electron-shuttle mediator for enhanced Cr(VI) reduction in microbial fuel cells: Reduction of diffusional resistances and cathode overpotentialsWang, Qiang; Huang, Liping; Pan, Yuzhen; Quan, Xie; Li Puma, Gianluca
2019Impact of water matrix on the removal of micropollutants by advanced oxidation technologiesLado Ribeiro, Ana R.; Moreira, Nuno F.F.; Li Puma, Gianluca; Silva, Adrian M.T.
2016Intensification of ozonation processes in a novel, compact, multi-orifice oscillatory baffled columnLucas, Marco S.; Reis, Nuno M.; Li Puma, Gianluca
2017Intensification of photocatalytic processes for niche applications in the area of water, wastewater and air treatment [preface]Vilar, Vitor J.P.; Amorim, Camila C.; Li Puma, Gianluca; Malato, Sixto; Dionysiou, Dionysios D.
2018Intensified degradation and mineralization of antibiotic metronidazole in photo-assisted microbial fuel cells with Mo-W catalytic cathodes under anaerobic or aerobic conditions in the presence of Fe(III)Wang, Qiang; Cai, Zhenghong; Huang, Liping; Pan, Yuzhen; Quan, Xie; Li Puma, Gianluca
2017Investigation of parameters affecting the inactivation of E. coli and E. faecalis in water by sulphate radicals: sunlight, temperature and organic matterFerreira, L.C.; Castro-Alferez, M.; Nahim-Granados, S.; Polo-Lopez, M.I.; Lucas, M.; Li Puma, Gianluca
Showing results 1 to 20 of 46