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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Accuracy of depth-integrated nonhydrostatic wave modelsWang, Gang; Zheng, Jinhai; Liang, Qiuhua
2018Analytic study on long wave transformation over a seamount with a pitWang, Gang; Fu, Danjuan; Zheng, Jinhai; Liang, Qiuhua; Zhang, Yao
2018Assessing slope forest effect on flood process caused by a short-duration storm in a small catchmentHou, Jingming; Guo, Kaihua; Liu, Feifei; Han, Hao; Liang, Qiuhua; Tong, Yu; Li, Peng
2018City-scale hydrodynamic modelling of urban flash floods: the issues of scale and resolutionXing, Yun; Liang, Qiuhua; Wang, Gang; Ming, Xiaodong; Xia, Xilin
2017Climate change impacts on Yangtze River discharge at the Three Gorges DamBirkinshaw, Steve J.; Guerreiro, Selma B.; Nicholson, Alex; Liang, Qiuhua; Quinn, Paul; Zhang, Lili; He, Bin; Yin, Junxian; Fowler, Hayley J.
2018A coupled hydrological and hydrodynamic model for flood simulationLiu, Zhanyan; Zhang, Hongbin; Liang, Qiuhua
2018A deterministic approach for assessing tsunami-induced building damage through quantification of hydrodynamic forcesXiong, Yan; Liang, Qiuhua; Park, Hyoungsu; Cox, Daniel; Wang, Gang
2019EditorialLiang, Qiuhua
2018Effective identification of terrain positions from gridded DEM data using multimodal classification integrationJiang, Ling; Ling, Dequan; Zhao, Mingwei; Wang, Chun; Liang, Qiuhua; Liu, Kai
2017An efficient and stable hydrodynamic model with novel source term discretization schemes for overland flow and flood simulationsXia, Xilin; Liang, Qiuhua; Ming, Xiaodong; Hou, Jingming
2018Efficient surface water flow simulation on static Cartesian grid with local refinement according to key topographic featuresHou, Jingming; Wang, Run; Liang, Qiuhua; Li, Zhanbin; Huang, Mian Song; Hinkelmann, Reihnard
2018Hydraulic correction method (HCM) to enhance the efficiency of SRTM DEM in flood modelingChen, Huili; Liang, Qiuhua; Liu, Yong; Xie, Shuguang
2016Hydrodynamic modelling of flow impact on structures under extreme flow conditionsLiang, Qiuhua; Chen, Kai-cui; Hou, Jingming; Xiong, Yan; Wang, Gang; Qiang, Juan
2017Integrated remote sensing imagery and two-dimensional hydraulic modeling approach for impact evaluation of flood on crop yieldsChen, Huili; Liang, Zhongyao; Liu, Yong; Liang, Qiuhua; Xie, Shuguang
2018A new depth-averaged model for flow-like landslides over complex terrains with curvatures and steep slopesXia, Xilin; Liang, Qiuhua
2018A new efficient implicit scheme for discretising the stiff friction terms in the shallow water equationsXia, Xilin; Liang, Qiuhua
2016New prospects for computational hydraulics by leveraging high-performance heterogeneous computing techniquesLiang, Qiuhua; Smith, Luke; Xia, Xilin
2018A novel two-way method for dynamically coupling a hydrodynamic model with a discrete element model (DEM)Xiong, Yan; Liang, Qiuhua; Mahaffey, Samantha; Rouainia, Mohamed; Wang, Gang
2016Numerical evaluation of flow regime changes induced by the Three Gorges Dam in the Middle YangtzeLai, Xijun; Liang, Qiuhua; Huang, Qun; Jiang, Jiahu; Lu, X.X.
2019Remote-sensing disturbance detection index to identify spatio-temporal varying flood impact on crop productionChen, Huili; Liang, Qiuhua; Liang, Zhongyao; Liu, Yong; Xie, Shuguang
Showing results 1 to 20 of 22