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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Activity enhancement of tetrahexahedral Pd nanocrystals by bi decoration towards Ethanol electrooxidation in alkaline mediaWang, P.; Lin, Xiao; Yang, Bo; Jin, Jia-Mei; Hardacre, Christopher; Yu, Neng-Fe; Sun, Shi-Gang; Lin, Wen-Feng
2016Bio-butanol as fuel for direct alcohol fuel cells - investigation of Sn modified Pt catalyst for butanol electro-oxidationPuthiyapura, V.K.; Brett, Daniel J.L.; Russell, A.E.; Lin, Wen-Feng; Hardacre, Christopher
2018Comparative investigation of CO2 and oxygen reduction on Fe/N/C catalystsYang, Hui-Juan; Dong, Jiao; Hong, Yu-Hao; Lin, Wen-Feng; Zhou, Zhi-You; Sun, Shi-Gang
2017Designing Pt-based electrocatalysts with high surface energySheng, Tian; Tian, Na; Zhou, Zhi-You; Lin, Wen-Feng; Sun, Shi-Gang
2016Development of a crosslinked quaternized poly(styrene-b-isobutylene-b-styrene)/graphene oxide composite anion exchange membrane for direct alkaline methanol fuel cell applicationDai, Pei; Mo, Zhao-Hua; Xu, Ri-Wei; Zhang, Shu; Lin, Xiao; Lin, Wen-Feng; Wu, Yi-Xian
2015Development of a PtSn bimetallic catalyst for direct fuel cells using bio-butanol fuelPuthiyapura, V.K.; Brett, Daniel J.L.; Russell, A.E.; Lin, Wen-Feng; Hardacre, Christopher
2017Dodecahedral W@WC composite as efficient catalyst for hydrogen evolution and Nitrobenzene reduction reactionsChen, Zhao-Yang; Duan, Long-Fa; Sheng, Tian; Lin, Xiao; Chen, Ya-Feng; Chu, You-Qun; Sun, Shi-Gang; Lin, Wen-Feng
2018Effect of mass transport on the electrochemical oxidation of alcohols over electrodeposited film and carbon-supported pt electrodesPuthiyapura, V.K.; Lin, Wen-Feng; Russell, A.E.; Brett, Daniel J.L.; Hardacre, Christopher
2018Electrocatalysis for direct alcohol fuel cells [conference abstract]Lin, Wen-Feng; Chen, Ya-Feng; Zhang, Ruirui; Gayton, Dan; Symillidis, Alex
2018Electrocatalytic oxidation of ethanol and ethylene glycol on cubic, octahedral and rhombic dodecahedral palladium nanocrystalsMa, Xian-Yin; Chen, Ya-Feng; Wang, Han; Li, Qiao-Xia; Lin, Wen-Feng; Cai, Wen-Bin
2016Electrochemical interfacial influences on deoxygenation and hydrogenation reactions in CO reduction on a Cu(100) surface.Sheng, Tian; Lin, Wen-Feng; Sun, Shi-Gang
2016Elucidation of the surface structure-selectivity relationship in ethanol electro-oxidation over platinum by density functional theorySheng, Tian; Lin, Wen-Feng; Sun, Shi-Gang
2015Enhanced dispersion of TiO2 nanoparticles in a TiO2/PEDOT:PSS hybrid nanocomposite via plasma-liquid interactionsLiu, Yazi; Sun, Dan; Askari, Sadegh; Patel, Jenish; Macias-Montero, Manuel; Mitra, Somak; Zhang, Richao; Lin, Wen-Feng; Mariotti, Davide; Maguire, Paul
2017Fabricating core-shell WC@C/Pt structures and its enhanced performance for methanol electrooxidationChen, Zhao-Yang; Duan, Long-Fa; Chu, You-Qun; Sheng, Jiang-Feng; Lin, Wen-Feng; Ma, Chun-An
2019A general route via formamide condensation to prepare atomically dispersed metal-nitrogen-carbon electrocatalysts for energy technologiesZhang, Guoxin; Jia, Yin; Zhang, Cong; Xiong, Xuya; Sun, Kai; Chen, Ruida; Chen, Wenxing; Kuang, Yun; Zheng, Lirong; Tang, Haolin; Liu, Wen; Liu, Junfeng; Sun, Xiaoming; Lin, Wen-Feng; Dai, Hongjie
2017Gold nanoparticle-polymer nanocomposites synthesized by room temperature atmospheric pressure plasma and their potential for fuel cell electrocatalytic applicationZhang, Richao; Sun, Dan; Zhang, Ruirui; Lin, Wen-Feng; Macias-Montero, Manuel; Patel, Jenish; Askari, Sadegh; McDonald, Calum; Mariotti, Davide; Maguire, Paul
2017Green electrochemical ozone production via water splitting: mechanism studiesGibson, Gregory; Lin, Wen-Feng
2018High performance nanocomposites for hydrogen production and fuel cell applications [conference abstract]Zhang, Ruirui; Chen, Ya-Feng; Gayton, Dan; Symillidis, Alex; Xue, Xiaoxian; Wu, Yi-Xian; Lin, Wen-Feng
2016Insight into CO activation over Cu(100) under electrochemical conditionsSheng, Tian; Wang, Dong; Lin, Wen-Feng; Hu, Peijun; Sun, Shi-Gang
2017An insight into methanol oxidation mechanisms on RuO2(100) under an aqueous environment by DFT calculationsSheng, Tian; Ye, Jin-Yu; Lin, Wen-Feng; Sun, Shi-Gang
Showing results 1 to 20 of 29