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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20173D multi-nozzle system with dual drives highly potential for 3D complex scaffolds with multi-biomaterialsChen, Zhichao; Zhang, Xianglin; Chen, Penghua; Li, Wenchao; Zhou, Kui; Shi, Lei; Liu, Kang; Liu, Changqing
2014Adhesion of aerosol deposition traces targeted for flexible electronics applicationsLim, Ying Ying; Goh, Yee M.; Tsuda, Hiroki; Akedo, Jun; Aoyagi, Masahiro; Liu, Changqing
2007Adhesion of precision welded lead-free electrical interconnects formed by molten droplet depositionWebb, D. Patrick; Liu, Changqing; Sarvar, Farhad; Conway, Paul P.; Williams, K.
2019Carbon nanotube-reinforced poly(4-vinylaniline)/polyaniline bilayer-grafted bacterial cellulose for bioelectronic applicationsRebelo, Ana M. Rodrigues; Liu, Yang; Liu, Changqing; Schafer, Karl-Herbert; Saumer, Monika; Yang, Guang
2018Combined effects of surface oxidation and interfacial intermetallic compound growth on solderability degradation of electrodeposited tin thin films on copper substrate due to isothermal ageingWang, Jing; Chen, Guang; Sun, Fulong; Zhou, Zhaoxia; Liu, Zhi-Quan; Liu, Changqing
2008A comparative study of the interfacial reaction between electroless Ni-P coatings and molten tinChen, Keming; Liu, Changqing; Whalley, David C.; Hutt, David A.; Li, Jianfeng; Mannan, Samjid H.
2016Conductive microfluidic interconnects to enable scalable 3D manufacturing of wearable electronicsFlowers, Jonathan; Liu, Changqing; Mitchell, Sean R.; Harland, Andy R.; Esliger, Dale W.
2018Copper-based graphene nanoplatelet composites as interconnect for power electronics pacakgingWang, Jing; Zhou, Zhaoxia; Lin, Wen-Feng; Liu, Changqing; Ahmadi, Behzad; Empringham, Lee
2008Corrosion characterization of tin–lead and lead-free solders in 3.5 wt.% NaCl solutionLi, Dezhi; Conway, Paul P.; Liu, Changqing
2007Crystallographic structure and mechanical behaviour of SnAgCu solder interconnects under a constant loading rateGong, Jicheng; Liu, Changqing; Conway, Paul P.; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.
2006Deformation property measurement for single anisotropic conductive adhesive particlesDou, Guangbin; Whalley, David C.; Liu, Changqing
2018Dehydration of bacterial cellulose and the water content effects on its viscoelastic and electrochemical propertiesRebelo, Ana M. Rodrigues; Archer, Andrew J.; Chen, Xiuli; Liu, Changqing; Yang, Guang; Liu, Yang
2015Diffusion barrier characteristics of Ni-NbOx composite electrodeposits for liquid In-Sn solder interconnectsWang, Jing; Wilcox, G.D.; Mortimer, Roger J.; Liu, Changqing; Ashworth, Mark A.
2017Diffusion barrier property of electroless Ni-W-P coating in high temperature Zn-5Al/Cu solder interconnectsLiu, Li; Chen, Zhiwen; Zhou, Zhaoxia; Chen, Guang; Wu, Fengshun; Liu, Changqing
2009Direct-write techniques for maskless production of microelectronics: a review of current state-of-the-art technologiesZhang, Yan; Liu, Changqing; Whalley, David C.
2006The effect of co-planarity variation on anisotropic conductive adhesive assembliesDou, Guangbin; Whalley, David C.; Liu, Changqing
2013Effect of direct current and pulse plating parameters on tin whisker growth from tin electrodeposits on copper and brass substratesAshworth, Mark A.; Wilcox, G.D.; Higginson, Rebecca L.; Heath, Richard J.; Liu, Changqing
2010The effect of droplet ejection frequency on inkjet-etched micro via holesZhang, Yan; Liu, Changqing; Whalley, David C.
2012The effect of droplet ejection frequency on the dimensions of inkjet-etched micro-via holes in poly4(-vinyl phenol) thin filmsZhang, Yan; Liu, Changqing; Whalley, David C.
2015The effect of electroplating parameters and substrate material on tin whisker formationAshworth, Mark A.; Wilcox, G.D.; Higginson, Rebecca L.; Heath, Richard J.; Liu, Changqing; Mortimer, Roger J.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 94