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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017An automated cloud-based big data analytics platform for customer insightsHan, Liangxiu; Haleem, Muhammad Salman; Sobeih, Tam; Liu, Ying; Soroka, Anthony; Han, Lianghao
2012Calculating the anisotropic permeability of porous media using the lattice Boltzmann method and X-ray computed tomographyGao, Yuan; Zhang, Xiaoxian; Rama, Pratap; Liu, Ying; Chen, Rui; Ostadi, Hossein; Jiang, Kyle
2018Energy and labor aware production scheduling for industrial demand response using adaptive multiobjective memetic algorithmGong, Xu; Liu, Ying; Lohse, Niels; De Pessemier, Toon; Martens, Luc; Joseph, Wout
2016Exploring the integration of the human as a flexibility factor in CPS enabled manufacturing environments: methodology and resultsFantini, P.; Tavola, G.; Taisch, Marco; Barbosa, J.; Leitao, P.; Liu, Ying; Sayed, Mohamed S.; Lohse, Niels
2009From faceted classification to knowledge discovery of semi-structured text recordsGoh, Yee M.; Giess, Matt; McMahon, Chris; Liu, Ying
2017An investigation into reducing the spindle acceleration energy consumption of machine toolsLv, Jingxiang; Tang, Renzhong; Tang, Wangchujun; Liu, Ying; Zhang, Yingfeng; Jia, Shun
2017Minimising the machining energy consumption of a machine tool by sequencing the features of a partHu, Luoke; Peng, Chen; Evans, Steve; Peng, Tao; Liu, Ying; Tang, Renzhong; Tiwari, Ashutosh
2012Modeling fluid flow in the gas diffusion layers in PEMFC using the multiple relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann methodGao, Yuan; Zhang, Xiaoxian; Rama, Pratap; Liu, Ying; Chen, Rui; Ostadi, Hossein; Jiang, Kyle
2016A multi-objective genetic algorithm for optimisation of energy consumption and shop floor production performanceLiu, Ying; Dong, Haibo; Lohse, Niels; Petrovic, Sanja
2015Reducing environmental impact of production during a rolling blackout policy – a multi-objective schedule optimisation approachLiu, Ying; Dong, Haibo; Lohse, Niels; Petrovic, Sanja
2017Sequencing the features to minimise the non-cutting energy consumption in machining considering the change of spindle rotation speedHu, Luoke; Liu, Ying; Lohse, Niels; Tang, Renzhong; Lv, Jingxiang; Peng, Chen; Evans, Steve
2013Steroid-associated hip joint collapse in bipedal emusZheng, Li-Zhen; Liu, Zhong; Lei, Ming; Peng, Jiang; He, Yi-Xin; Xie, Xin-Hui; Man, Chi-Wai; Huang, Le; Wang, Xin-Luan; Fong, Daniel Tik-Pui; Xiao, De-Ming; Wang, Da-Ping; Chen, Yang; Feng, Jian Q.; Liu, Ying; Zhang, Ge; Qin, Ling
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12