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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Agent based modelling helps in understanding the rules by which fibroblasts support keratinocyte colony formationSun, Tao; McMinn, Phil; Holcombe, Mike; Smallwood, Rod; MacNeil, Sheila
2009Automated tracking of migrating cells in phase-contrast video microscopy sequences using image registrationHand, A.J.; Sun, Tao; Barber, D.C.; Hose, D.R.; MacNeil, Sheila
2006Culture of skin cells in 3D rather than 2D improves their ability to survive exposure to cytotoxic agentsSun, Tao; Jackson, Simon; Haycock, John W.; MacNeil, Sheila
2007Development of a 3D cell culture system for investigating cell interactions with electrospun fibersSun, Tao; Norton, David; McKean, Robert J.; Haycock, John W.; Ryan, Anthony J.; MacNeil, Sheila
2005Development of a closed bioreactor system for culture of tissue-engineered skin at an air–liquid interfaceSun, Tao; Norton, David; Haycock, John W.; Ryan, Anthony J.; MacNeil, Sheila
2009Development of a mini 3D cell culture system using well defined nickel grids for the investigation of cell scaffold interactionsSun, Tao; Smallwood, Rod; MacNeil, Sheila
2010Development of a three dimensional multiscale computational model of the human epidermisAdra, Salem; Sun, Tao; MacNeil, Sheila; Holcombe, Mike; Smallwood, Rod
2004Developments in xenobiotic-free culture of human keratinocytes for clinical useSun, Tao; Higham, Mike; Layton, Chris; Haycock, John W.; Short, Robert; MacNeil, Sheila
2010Enhanced fluorescence imaging of live cells by effective cytosolic delivery of probesMassignani, Marzia; Canton, Irene; Sun, Tao; Hearnden, Vanessa; MacNeil, Sheila; Blanazs, Adam; Armes, Steven P.; Lewis, Andrew; Battaglia, Giuseppe
2009Exploring hypotheses of the actions of TGF-β1 in epidermal wound healing using a 3D computational multiscale model of the human epidermisSun, Tao; Adra, Salem; Smallwood, Rod; Holcombe, Mike; MacNeil, Sheila
2006In situ image analysis of interactions between normal human keratinocytes and fibroblasts cultured in three-dimensional fibrin gelsSun, Tao; Haycock, John W.; MacNeil, Sheila
2007An integrated systems biology approach to understanding the rules of keratinocyte colony formationSun, Tao; McMinn, Phil; Coakley, Simon; Holcombe, Mike; Smallwood, Rod; MacNeil, Sheila
2007Investigation of fibroblast and keratinocyte cell-scaffold interactions using a novel 3D cell culture systemSun, Tao; Norton, David; Ryan, Anthony J.; MacNeil, Sheila; Haycock, John W.
2006Investigation of keratinocyte regulation of collagen I synthesis by dermal fibroblasts in a simple in vitro modelHarrison, C.A.; Gossiel, F.; Bullock, A.J.; Sun, Tao; Blumsohn, A.; MacNeil, Sheila
2004Measurement of NF-κB in normal and reconstructed human skin in vitroSun, Tao; Haycock, John W.; Szabo, M.; Hill, R.P.; MacNeil, Sheila
2006Modeling the effect of exogenous calcium on keratinocyte and HaCat Cell proliferation and differentiation using an agent-based computational paradigmWalker, Dawn; Sun, Tao; MacNeil, Sheila; Smallwood, Rod
2012Modelling complex biological systems using an agent-based approachHolcombe, Mike; Adra, Salem; Bicak, Mesude; Chin, Shawn; Coakley, Simon; Graham, Alison I.; Green, Jeffery; Greenough, Chris; Jackson, Duncan; Kiran, Mariam; MacNeil, Sheila; Maleki-Dizaji, Afsaneh; McMinn, Phil; Pogson, Mark; Poole, Robert; Qwarnstrom, Eva; Ratnieks, Francis; Rolfe, Matthew D.; Smallwood, Rod; Sun, Tao; Worth, David
2005Self-organization of skin cells in three-dimensional electrospun polystyrene scaffoldsSun, Tao; Mai, Shaoming; Norton, David; Haycock, John W.; Ryan, Anthony J.; MacNeil, Sheila
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18